Artwork of the Day: The Bonnie Parker Story


This poster is for the 1958 film, The Bonnie Parker Story.  That’s right — this film predates the better known Bonnie and Clyde by about 9 years.  Dorothy Provine was cast in the title role and, judging from this poster, it looks like her Bonnie was even more dangerous than Faye Dunaway’s!  Apparently, in this film (which I haven’t seen yet), Clyde was renamed Guy.

(Bonnie and Guy doesn’t quite have the right ring to it, does it?)

Anyway, it’s a good poster, one that is direct and in your face.  That’s something I always appreciate about any film poster.  Plus, there’s that tag line!

Cigar smoking hellcat of the roaring twenties!

Hell yeah!  Now that’s a tag line!

2 responses to “Artwork of the Day: The Bonnie Parker Story

  1. There’s an Easter Egg, of sorts, on the bottom right of that poster, where it says “Cannot be seen on TV.” That’s a reference to the then ongoing battle between theaters and film studios against television. The latter were feeling the heat from the common refrain of “let’s save money and wait until it’s shown on TV in a few months.”

    Back in those days, theater-goers were bombarded with “anti-TV” flyers, posters and on-screen ads that blamed TV for everything up to and often including the Fall of Western Civilization. Those battles between the members of the show biz “family” are still raging today, the latest being the redistribution fee dispute between Dish and CBS.


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