Music Video of the Day: Starlight by Muse (2006, dir by Paul Manor)

How about a little Muse for today’s music video of the day?

I’ve always found it ironic that this band is named Muse because I’m usually at my most productive whenever I’ve got them playing in the background.  There are just certain groups that help to get me in the mood to write.  The Chemicals Brothers is one.  So is Jakalope.  Sleigh Bells, definitely.  And then there’s Muse.

Starlight is a favorite of mine.  According to my BFF, I once stayed up for six days straight, listening to this song over and over again.  I think she’s exaggerating but it is a song that I listen to frequently.

Starlight was directed by Paul Manor.  The band is performing on the deck of the MS Ocean Chie, which Wikipedia describes as being a “handysize bulk carrier.”  I have no idea what that description means, beyond the fact that the boat’s deck was big enough for Muse to perform.  According to Matt Bellamy, there is a deeper symbolism behind them performing on the boat.  The video is about a band that is lost at sea because, at the time, Muse felt they were “outside what’s happening in the music scene.”


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