Music Video of the Day: Time Is Running Out by Muse (2003, dir by John Hillcoat)

This video has kind of a nice Dr. Strangelove feel to it, which I like.  That said, it was released 15 years ago so hopefully, time is not still running out.  At the very least, let’s hope everyone was too busy dancing to launch any missiles.

It was directed by John Hillcoat, who would later direct films like Lawless, The Road, and The Proposition, along with an episode of Black Mirror.


Music Video of the Day: Knights of Cydonia by Muse (2006, dir by Joseph Kahn)

What happens if you mash together every single European grindhouse film ever made and then get Muse to provide the soundtrack?

You end up with the video for Knights of Cydonia.

The fun here, of course, is identifying all of the films that are referenced in this video.  Obviously, there’s a lot of Sergio Leone there.  There’s also some karate action and a Planet of the Apes reference.  Whenever the cowboys shoot their laser guns, I’m reminded of one of Lucio Fulci’s post-apocalyptic films.


Music Video Of The Day: Uprising by Muse (2009, dir by Hydra)

Hi, everyone!  Lisa here with today’s music video of the day!

Yes, yes, I’m late.  Sorry, I fell asleep last night before I got a chance to set up today’s music video of the day.  Then, when I woke up, I was out the front door and driving down Central Expressway before I realized that I’d forgotten to put in my contacts.  Seriously, I was totally blind and driving down the busiest, most dangerous highway in Dallas.

And yet, I survived!

So, in order to celebrate this momentous occasion, how about a music video from one of my favorite bands?  This is Uprising by Muse.  It seems to go with the general tenor of the times.  Everyone’s convinced they’re a revolutionary. even if they’re just some rando on twitter.  Things are blowing, if only in our neighbor’s dreams.

The bit with the teddy bears?  That’s a Ghostbusters tribute.


Music Video of the Day: Stockholm Syndrome by Muse (2003, directed by Thomas Kirk)

Hi, everyone!

I have to admit that one reason why I picked this video for today’s music video of the day is because there’s really not a whole much to say about it.  I’m running a bit behind tonight, which tends to happen during the holidays.  I still haven’t even watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead!  So, by necessity, I have to pick a video that’s fairly straight-forward.

I also have to admit that this is definitely a case where I like the song a lot more than video.  Along with Jakalope, Coldplay, The Chemical Brothers, and Sleigh Bells, Muse is one of my go-to bands whenever I need writing music.  I’ll be listening to Muse tonight as I try to get caught up.  I love this song but the video hurts my eyes.  The infrared filter is effective when used sparingly but, after five minutes of it, my eyes start to water.


Music Video of the Day: Starlight by Muse (2006, dir by Paul Manor)

How about a little Muse for today’s music video of the day?

I’ve always found it ironic that this band is named Muse because I’m usually at my most productive whenever I’ve got them playing in the background.  There are just certain groups that help to get me in the mood to write.  The Chemicals Brothers is one.  So is Jakalope.  Sleigh Bells, definitely.  And then there’s Muse.

Starlight is a favorite of mine.  According to my BFF, I once stayed up for six days straight, listening to this song over and over again.  I think she’s exaggerating but it is a song that I listen to frequently.

Starlight was directed by Paul Manor.  The band is performing on the deck of the MS Ocean Chie, which Wikipedia describes as being a “handysize bulk carrier.”  I have no idea what that description means, beyond the fact that the boat’s deck was big enough for Muse to perform.  According to Matt Bellamy, there is a deeper symbolism behind them performing on the boat.  The video is about a band that is lost at sea because, at the time, Muse felt they were “outside what’s happening in the music scene.”


Music Video of the Day: Madness by Muse (2012, directed by Anthony Mandler)

I, I can’t get these memories out of my mind
And some kind of madness has started to evolve
I, I tried so hard to let you go
But some kind of madness is swallowing me whole, yeah

I don’t smoke because 1) I have asthma, 2) I have a predisposition to addiction, and 3) I’m so obsessive compulsive that if I did start smoking, I would become the biggest chain smoker in the world and I’d end up being one of those women you see in anti-smoking commercials, popping out her fake teeth and pointing at the hole in her throat.  That’s not for me.

That said, if I ever do start smoking, it’ll probably because of this song and this video.  Seriously, just the opening bass line makes me want to light up.  And then the video itself proves that smoking is pretty photogenic when the cigarettes are being held by beautiful people.

The song, itself, was written by Matt Bellamy after he had a fight with his then-girlfriend, Kate Hudson.  According to Bellamy, he was reflecting on the fight and thought to himself, “Yeah, she was right, wasn’t she?”

As for the video, it features two lovers on a train, dealing with their own issues while a riot rages around them.  The two lovers are played by Erin Wasson and Max Silberman, both of whom are achingly pretty.  (For some reason, the usually reliable imvdb insists that the man on the train was played by Emile Hirsch.  Sorry, that’s definitely Max Silberman.)

Of course, the idea of two lovers in the middle of a protest immediately makes me think of this famous picture, which was taken in Vancouver during a riot:

And, of course, there’s this Ray-Ban advertisement:

(If the majority of protesters looked as good as the people in the video and these two pictures, I might even be inspired to go to a march or two.)

(Also, be happy that I resisted the temptation to include a picture from that Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial.  I came really close to doing it but, in the end, I couldn’t do it.  I was born a Coke drinker and I’ll die a Coke drinker.  Pepsi tastes too much like Vermont for me.)

This video was directed by Anthony Mandler, who has directed several videos for everyone from Jay-Z to Taylor Swift to Justin Bieber.  (The imvdb credits him with 74 videos.)  The gorgeous cinematography is credited to David Devlin.

Mario Contini, who is credited as being 1st Assistant Cameraman on Madness, was later the director of photography for Saint Motel’s My Type.