Here’s The Final Trailer For Wonder Woman!

Oh God.

Every few months, a new DCU trailer is released and everyone says that the DCU is finally going to be as good as the MCU.

Man of Steel was going to be an Oscar contender.

Batman v Superman was going to be the epic that made us reconsider everything we thought we knew about super hero films.

Suicide Squad was going to be the most fun that anyone had ever had at the movies.

Now, everyone’s saying that Wonder Woman is going to be the first good DCU movie.  Well, I certainly hope that’s the case.

The latest (and final) trailer seems to confirm that the best thing that Wonder Woman has going for it is Gal Gadot.  The trailer also has a self-aware feel to it that I hope will be present in the actual film.  After three films that took themselves way too seriously, the DCU needs to have a little fun.

Anyway, here’s the trailer!


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