Artist Profile: Harry Bennett (1919 — 2012)

Embracing Extasy

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these classic retro romance covers by Harry Bennett!  Born in New York and raised in Connecticut, Bennett served in World War II and later studied painting and illustration at Chicago’s American Academy of Art.  Starting in the 1950s, Bennett was one of the premier illustrators of gothic romance paperbacks.  After retiring from commercial illustration in his 60s, Bennett devoted himself to painting and exhibiting his own original work.

Bennett was responsible for a countless number of paperback covers.  A small sampling of his work can be found below:

Cry Shame 1950Angelfire Cobin's Fancy Mill Reef Hall My Lord Moonleigh Prince of Darkness The Devil on Lammas Night The Little Wax Doll Twin of Ice Twins of Fire Wanton Angel Warm Bodies Whitney My Love