Welcome to the Future!

by Raymond L. Jones

Happy New Year and welcome to the future!  Whenever we start a new year, I always like to go back and see what people thought the future would be like.  While a visitor from the 1950s would be astounded by much of what we take for granted in 2020, they might still wonder why we don’t have a single lunar colony.

Here are just a few examples of what the pulp era expected from the future:

by Stanley Meltzoff

Artist Unknown

by Earle Bergey

by Earle Bergey

by Earle Bergey

by Earle Bergey

by Rudolph Belarski

by Ed Valigursky

Artist Unknown

by Elliott Dold

by Milton Luros

by John Forte Jr.

by Milton Luros

Happy International Dinosaur Day!

Today, we observe International Dinosaur Day!

The first recorded discover of dinosaur fossils occurred in 1820 and, since then, dinosaur remains have been found on all seven continents.  According to CheckiDay: “Richard Owen, an English anatomist, came up with the word “Dinosauria” in 1842. The word comes from the Greek word “deinos,” meaning terrible or fearfully great, and “sauros,” meaning reptile or lizard. He applied the term to three animals that fossilized bones had been found of over the previous few decades.”

The best way to observe today is to go down to a museum and take a look at the fantastic creatures who inhabited this planet before human beings came along.  But if you can’t get to a museum today, check out these magazine and paperback covers below.  Not surprisingly, dinosaurs were very popular with the pulps.  Here’s just a few of them:

by Alex Schomburg

by CC Senf

by Earle Bergey

by Hans Wessolowski

by Thomas Beecham

by Earle Bergey

by Ed Emshwiller

Celebrate National Weatherperson’s Day With These “Stormy” Covers

Happy National Weatherperson’s Day!  We depend on these brave souls to help us survive the storms of life.  As the classic pulp covers below show, storms come in many different shapes and sizes:

by Robert Stanley

by Charles Wood

by Earle Bergey

by George Gross

by Gino D’Achille

by Robert Maguire

by Robert Shulz

Art Profile: The Covers of Strange Stories

From Wikipedia:

Strange Stories was a pulp magazine which ran for thirteen issues from 1939 to 1941. It was edited by Mort Weisinger, who was not credited. Contributors included Robert Bloch, Eric Frank Russell, C. L. Moore, August Derleth, and Henry Kuttner. Strange Stories was a competitor to the established leader in weird fiction, Weird Tales. With the launch, also in 1939, of the well-received UnknownStrange Stories was unable to compete. It ceased publication in 1941 when Weisinger left to edit Superman comic books.

All of the covers below are believed to have been done by Earle K. Bergey: