Celebrating New Orleans With The Pulps

Unknown Artist

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras.  For many people, it will be their last chance to celebrate and indulge before the start of Lent.  Though there are annual celebrations across the country, the city that everyone think of when they hear the words “Mardi Gras” is New Orleans.  If you’ve not going to be able to get down to New Orleans this year to celebrate Mardi Gras, don’t worry.  Through the Shattered Lens has got you covered with these New Orleans and Mardi Gras-related pulp covers!

by Bernard Barton

by Earle Bergey

by Harry Bennett

by Mitchell Hooks

by Philip Ronfor

by Rudy Nappi

Artist Unknown

by William George

by Stanley Zuckerberg

Artist Profile: Bernard Barton (1920 — 1993)

As happens sometimes, I couldn’t find much biographical information about the pulp artist Bernard Barton.  I was able to find his dates of birth and date at wikimedia but otherwise, there wasn’t much information online, beyond his work.  Bernard Barton was one of the few artist of the pulp paperback era to regularly sign his work, which means that even if I can’t find out much about his life, at least we can appreciate his work.

As far as I can tell, Bernard Barton is no relation to Harry Barton, another prominent artist of the pulp era.  (Interestingly, Harry’s full name was Harold Bernard Barton.)

Check out some of Bernard Barton’s work below: