AMV Of The Day: I’m A Kitty Cat (Nichijou)

What!?  Lisa’s doing an AMV post!?

Well, yes, I am.

Realizing that I needed to be cheered up (and perhaps not wanting to ever have to hear the term “combined cards” ever again), Jedadiah Leland showed me this earlier today and it worked.  I mean, this video may be five years old but it’s a cat and it’s a cute song about cats!

So, with all that in mind, here is my first ever pick for AMV of the Day!

(Hopefully, Arleigh and Pantsukudasai56 will not spend too much time making fun of me for my choice.  Seriously, anime passions run high with those two…)

By the way, way back in 2011, this video won the following awards:

Best Offbeat: Kurokirro Festival 2011
Best Comedy/Freestyle: Ikkicon 2011
Runner-up Best Composition N2U 2011

Anime: Nichijou (a.k.a. My Ordinary Life)

Song: I’m a Kitty Cat by Steve Ibsen

Creator: Shin AMV

(According to the YouTube description, Shin dedicated this video to his wife which is super wonderful.)

Past AMVs of the Day

4 responses to “AMV Of The Day: I’m A Kitty Cat (Nichijou)

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