Lisa’s Week In Review: 8/26/19 — 9/1/19

Greetings from Lake Texoma and Happy Labor Day!

I spent the previous week making plans for October.  We really are coming up on the best Horrorthon ever.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to watch as many movies as I would have liked but it happens.  I’ll make up for it over the upcoming few weeks.

Here’s what I did manage to watch, read, and listen to.

Films I Watched:

  1. A Demon Within (2018)
  2. Al Capone (1959)
  3. Apollo 11 (2019)
  4. The Bad the Beautiful (1952)
  5. Dodgeball: A True Underdog’s Story (2004)
  6. Fangs of the Living Dead (1969)
  7. Jimmy (2013)
  8. Lust For Life (1956)
  9. Shazam! (2019)
  10. Town Without Pity (1961)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. 60 Days in Narcoland
  2. Bachelor in Paradise
  3. Bar Rescue
  4. BH90210
  5. Big Brother 21
  6. The Bold and the Beautiful
  7. Couples Court with The Cutlers
  8. Dance Moms
  9. Doctor Phil
  10. Face the Truth
  11. General Hospital
  12. Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court
  13. Saved By The Bell
  14. So You Think You Can Dance
  15. The Young and the Restless

Books I Read:

  1. Star-Spangled Scandal (2019) by Chris DeRose

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Above & Beyond
  2. Active Child
  3. Afrojack
  4. Amy Peters
  5. Beabadoobee
  6. Bebe Rexha
  7. Britney Spears
  8. The Chemical Brothers
  9. deadmau5
  10. Dillon Francis
  11. DJ Judaa
  12. DJ Snake
  13. Fantastic
  14. Grandma
  15. Jakalope
  16. Kaskade
  17. Katy Perry
  18. Lana Del Rey
  19. Michael Fredo
  20. Nero
  21. Saint Motel
  22. Sarah May Chadwick
  23. She Wants Revenge
  24. Sleigh Bells
  25. Spector
  26. Stereo Love
  27. Tegan and Sara
  28. UPSAHL
  29. Vancouver Sleep Clinic
  30. Zedd

Links From Last Week:

  1. Please consider subscribing to Ryan’s patreon!
  2. On her photography site, Erin shared: Arboretum Tree, Campus, Sunset, Reaching Out, Rain in the Alley, Alley, and Volleyball Pit!
  3. On Pop Politics, Jeff shared thoughts on Madden 20, the CNN climate change forum, British politics, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Labor Day!
  4. I wrote about Big Brother for the Big Brother Blog!
  5. For Horror Critic, I reviewed A Demon Within!
  6. On my music site, I shared music from Lana Del Rey, Beabadoobee, Sarah May Chadwick, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Active Child, Michael Fredo, and UPSAHL!
  7. Box Office: John Travolta Hits Career Low As ‘The Fanatic’ Bombs
  8. “Lost In Translation!” Bill Murray’s “Cult Movie Monday” Heads To Tokyo With Scarlett Johansson!
  9. Morrissey: The last unwoke pop star
  10. In Conversation: Joel Schumacher

Links From The Site:

  1. Erin profiled L.B. Cole and shared: The Sex Pulse, Stranger Passions, Free and Easy, Mabel and Men!, Return of a Cheat, Sin Cove, and Black Mask!
  2. Gary reviewed Black Velvet and Dodge City and paid tribute to Joan Blondell!
  3. I reviewed Al Capone and shared my early Oscar predictions.  I also shared music videos by Spector, Active Child, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Tegan and Sara, UPSAHL, Grandma, and Amy Peters!
  4. Patrick reviewed This Way Up, Clownado, and Empathy Inc!
  5. Ryan reviewed Suburban Coffin, The Review, and Womp Womp!  He also interviewed George Wylesol!
  6. Arleigh shared a first look at Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker!

Want to see what I did last week?  Click here!

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