Music Video of the Day: Downtown Life by Grandma (2019, dir by ????)

I have to admit that, living down south, I’m pretty much jealous of any city that has an actual downtown.  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  My homecity has a very pretty center that we refer to as being “downtown” and I spend a lot of time there and I’m proud of where I’m from and I love living here.  But, at the same time, this place that we call “downtown” is not a real downtown as much as it’s a somewhat random collection of structures and monuments, some of which are more interesting than others.  It’s not like a New York downtown or a Chicago downtown or even a Boston downtown.  A true downtown isn’t so much a geographical location as it’s a state of mind.

A true downtown also has a life of its own.  In a way, it’s a city within a city.  You don’t find that much in my part of the world.  The action down here is in the suburbs as opposed to the downtown.  And that’s fine and all but seriously, it’s not the same as having a legitimate downtown.  For instance, I once saw a picture of a seven-story Barnes and Noble in New York.  Down here, we’re lucky if we get a second floor.

Anyway, this video seemed to capture a certain idea of living downtown and having your entire future ahead of you.  So, it’s today’s music video of the day!


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