Titans S2Ep1, “Trigon”, Review by Case Wright (Dir. Carol Banker)


Welcome back! This has been a hard year for me in terms of reviewing season two and three shows-

Sabrina 2- garbage

Stranger Things 3- Just so very sad.

And then there was Titans.  I was prepared for a sophomore slump like I had seen all year with my favorite shows and ….. it NEVER happened.  Season 2 Episode 1 was like a new pilot of my most beloved show.  It had family murder, a quasi Lucifer, and an introduction of Death Stroke, Bruce Wayne, a new Titans Headquarters, and a cure for male pattern baldness!

The episode picked up where it left off with Dick turned into an evil minion and the rest of the gang trying to help.  Hawk and Dove go to Jason Todd and they all descend upon the EVIL Farmhouse …. and are invited in or are they?  Trigon (Seamus Dever) is up to his old tricks of temptation, manipulation, and pagination – he’s really into orderly manuscripts; it can’t be all about world destruction.

The Titans fall one by one.  Jason Todd is manipulated to kill his “older brother” Dick, Starfire is tricked into killing Rachel, Hank gets Dawn hooked on smack… yes smack…horse…the dragon…the boy…the beast…H…or dope.  You even see the needle enter her arm and shoot it up.  I’m not sure whether this show or Breaking Bad is darker?  Maybe I need to watch something lighter like Disneyland being hit by a meteor or all the unicorns dying to Adiago For Strings.  But, man oh man it is enthralling!!!  I know that DCU is yet another subscription service, BUT it is worth every single penny to me! *Views expressed do not represent this blog, but are always correct. *

Once everyone is turned and Gar is nearly beaten to death by the now Evil Titans, Raven’s heart breaks allowing Trigon to fulfill his prophecy and start some earth destroying.  He reaches into his daughter’s chest, crushes her beating heart, turns it into a ruby, and puts the stone on her forehead….and I thought my childhood Thanksgivings were awkward…HIYOOO! Then, Trigon goes full-on Lucifer, which almost made this a Horrorthon post.

Gar wakes and breaks Raven free of the curse and she kills/banishes her father. EPIC… JUST EPIC! Anywho, once the dust settles, we get introduced to our new villain Death Stroke (who apparently hates Jason Todd; I don’t know why because he really grows on you) and Bruce Wayne.  This was a really good portrayal of an older aging Bruce- from father to Dick’s peer.  The episode ends with the Titans in San Francisco in their familiar HQ to the fans of the animated series.

This show succeeded in so many ways.  It’s deliciously 99% Cacao Dark.  It has great action, great dialogue, heart wrenching failure and redemption.  The performances, as always, were superb across the board.  I will say that Jason Todd (Curran Walters) should get a spinoff of the Red Hood.  He would be an amazing Anti-Hero and a clever take on a Batman like hero without ANY rules.  Ahem Greg….Ahem!  See you in a week!

Here’s The Latest Trailer for Black Christmas!

To be honest, I thought that someone had already done a remake of Black Christmas but I guess we’re getting a new one.  Maybe it’s going to become a new holiday tradition.  Every year, we’ll get a new Black Christmas and we can go to the theater and all yell out, “The call is coming from inside the house!” at the same time.

And you know what?  I think that’ll bring people together.  I mean, we can only spend so much time hoping that the MCU will continue to bring filmgoers together.  Myself, I’ve been a bit disenchanted ever since Natasha died in Avengers: Endgame and the fact that the most charming member of the MCU has apparently been taken out of the MCU and sent back to Sony kind of makes me wonder if perhaps the MCU’s glory days might be over with.

My point is, we need a new franchise to bring us together and an annual remake of Black Christmas might just be what Doctor Strange ordered.

Anyway, here’s the latest trailer for Black Christmas, which will be released on December 13th.  Hopefully, somebody in Hollywood learned a lesson from the mismarketing of David Fincher’s version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and they won’t advertise this as being the “Feel Bad Movie Of The Holidays.”

(Yes, 8 years later and I’m still bitter about that.)

Here’s the trailer!

Music Video Of The Day: Overprotected by Britney Spears (2001, dir by Billie Woodruff)

This was one of the first Britney Spears videos to feature what would become a oft-visited theme in her videography: the desire to escape the paparazzi, relax, and dance.  This video finds Britney finding safety in an abandoned warehouse, which is the type of thing that’s kind of worrying to see.  I’ve seen enough horror movies to know that it’s never a good idea to go inside an abandoned warehouse, especially when you’re young and alone.

For instance, in college, I was fascinated by this deserted building that was sitting in the middle of the campus.  Apparently, the building used to be a dorm but, for whatever reason, it was closed down and then used to store furniture and what appeared to be damaged text books.  There were big chain locks on the door and weeds growing up all around it.  It was so strange, this creepy building sitting in the middle of our otherwise bland campus.

My friends and I would often go down to that abandoned building at 3 in the morning, just so we could look in through the windows and see if we could spot any zombies or serial killers.  We never did, though we screamed at every shadow.  Though we often talked about breaking into the building and exploring, we never did.  I didn’t believe in ghosts but I knew they’d suddenly exist if I entered that building.

I mean, it’s just common sense!

Luckily, Britney’s dancers follow her into the warehouse and presumably scared off whatever ghosts may have been haunting the place.  That, of course, allows this horror movie to turn into a dance party!  Yay!