Get To Know Some “American Scumbags”

Trash Film Guru

If you’re gonna call your movie American Scumbags, you’ve put yourself in a position where you’ve got to live up (or should that be down?) to that name. Fortunately, Denver underground filmmaker Dakota Bailey — who not only wrote and directed the 2016 production he put that title on, but stars in it under the pseudonym of Dakota Ray — seems to know of which he speaks, and has his finger firmly on the pulse of the world of sleazoids and sickos. In other words, he’s our kind of guy.

Filmed — okay, shot on cam — for the princely sum of $1,000 and recently made available for streaming on Amazon Prime (don’t ask me about its availability on Blu-ray or DVD, I honestly have no idea), this thing feels pretty grimy and follows the lives of three pretty grimy figures whose stories are interlinked in ways obvious and…

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Music Video of the Day: Work Bitch by Britney Spears (2016, dir by ????)

Happy Labor Day!

I’m not really sure what this day is supposed to be celebrating.  I mean, I assume that it’s the day in which the workers are all supposed to unite or join a union or whatever but I’m not sure how that links to a few people getting the day off and no trash being picked up.  Personally, I’m just happy for the long weekend and I’m going to hope that none of my neighbors accidentally put their trash out tomorrow because then it’ll end up sitting out in the alley for three days and a 3 day-old trash bag is not something that anyone needs to see.

Anyway, it’s a part of the Bowman family tradition that, for the entirety of Labor Day weekend, I only listen to Britney Spears.  Usually but not always, I not only listen but I also sing along.  For the most part, it depends on the air quality.  As important as it is to sing along with Britney, that part of the observance can be ignored if you were running the danger of losing your voice before the holiday began.  The important thing is that you have to make your decision whether or not to sing along before Labor Day actually begins and, once you make the choice, you have to stick with it.  This year, due to some seasonal allergies, my voice was already a little bit hoarse before the holiday weekend began so I’ve chosen only to sing along to a few of Britney’s songs.

Anyway, this being Labor Day and all, it only makes sense that today’s music video of the day should be Work Bitch.  Now, I already shared the first video for Work Bitch.  The version that I’m sharing today is the live version, which was filmed during Britney’s performance at the 2016 Apple Music Festival.

Work Bitch is probably my favorite Britney song.  If nothing else, it’s the one that my sister Erin and I seem to quote from the most.  “You better work, bitch,” is a phrase that has many different meanings in Lisa-and-Erin speak.  To understand the phrase’s meaning at any particular time, it’s important to listen for which word gets the most emphasis.  “You better work, BITCH,” is actually the most affectionate use of the phrase.  On the other hand, “You BETTER work, bitch,” means that someone’s in trouble.

Britney’s been going through a lot recently and, as always, she’s had to do it all in the glare of the public spotlight.  (Just imagine how any of us would come across if our every personal difficulty and/or emotional moment was displayed on TMZ?)  On this Labor Day, keep her in your thoughts.