Music Video of the Day: The One And Only by Chesney Hawkes (1991, dir. ???)

I’ll have to take Wikipedia’s word for it that Buddy’s Song (1991) was released theatrically. It certainly didn’t look like it to me when I watched it. It was more like a TV movie.

The song was written by Nik Kershaw for Chesney Hawkes. The Wikipedia article on it seems to indicate that it was tacked on to the movie because it was a hit song for Hawkes at the time. I think this is true because at least on the copy I watched, it plays very lightly in the background of one scene, and then prominently over the credits. An article on The Guardian where they interviewed Hawkes and Kershaw says otherwise. I recommend reading the article. It’s interesting to hear what Kershaw has to say about his effect on Hawkes career. They are apparently still friends and you can find numerous videos of them playing together as recent as this year.

The movie isn’t that bad. Despite appearing to be a star vehicle for Hawkes, it’s really Roger Daltry’s show. According to Wikipedia, the movie was a sequel to a mini-series that had Daltry in the same role, but with a different actor playing his son Buddy. That makes sense since the focus really is on him. He’s a guy who named his kid after Buddy Holly because he is obsessed with people like Holly and the 50s in general. He has ties to organized crime. He does some time for a friend, and then spends the rest of the film dogging his son as he moves into music, not realizing that while helping some of the time, he is also harming him. It’s two steps forward, one step back.

That brings me to the video. There is no real relationship between Buddy and a girl in the movie. There is a girl, but I only remember two scenes that she is in. That part of the video is a little ridiculous even if she is meant to our avatar. Daltry chasing after Hawkes does give you an idea of what you are getting if you watch the movie. Those parts of the video reflect the film. There’s an article over on The Telegraph where Hawkes talks about the amount of money it took to make at least one of the two videos that were done for this song. I’m assuming the quarter of a million pounds video was this one. Yikes!

If the girl looks familiar, it’s because that’s Saffron of Republica fame. The band I imagine most people–me included–know because of the song Ready To Go and the rock version music video for it with its excessive zooms.

The other woman is someone named Lucy Alexander. I don’t know anything about her other than that she has been on a show called Homes Under The Hammer since 2003.

I like the song. I think the video doesn’t do it or film any favors.


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