Lisa Cleans Out Her DVR: A Deadly Affair (dir by David Bush)

(Once again, I am trying to clean out my DVR.  I recorded A Deadly Affair off of the Lifetime Movie Network on March 5th.)

At first glance, Charlie (Alan Powell) and Mary (Austin Highsmith) might look like the perfect couple.  They’re attractive.  They’re apparently in love.  They’ve got a nice house.  Charlie has a manly job as a house renovator and he even has a badass lion tattoo on his chest.

Even better, they’re best friends with another perfect couple!  Susan (Valerie Azlynn) and Trevor (Luke Edwards) are also attractive and apparently in love and they’ve got a nice house of their own!  Susan’s a lawyer and Trevor has got a sexy tattoo too!  Two perfect couples living so close to each other?  What could possibly go wrong?

Well, Mary thinks that Charlie might be cheating on her.  And Trevor says that Susan isn’t really responsive to his needs.  One night, Mary and Trevor have a bit too much to drink.  They end up sharing a kiss.  Mary freaks out and says that she can’t cheat on Charlie, especially not with the husband of her best friend.  Essentially, Mary says, “There’s no way this is going to happen.”  Trevor, being a guy, interprets that to mean, “It’ll happen later.”

Later, Mary gets a call from her husband.  He sounds like he’s in some sort of trouble.  When he doesn’t subsequently return home, Mary goes out to the house that was renovating.  Walking through the dark house, she stumbles across the dead body of her husband.  Someone’s murdered Charlie!

Well, of course, the entire town suspects that Mary killed Charlie.  Even her sister-in-law, the possibly unstable Crystal (Lorna Street Dopson), is convinced that she saw (and heard) Mary with Trevor.  It doesn’t matter how much Mary protests her innocence.  The detective (J. Terry Garces) in charge of the case thinks that she did it.  The entire town thinks that she did it.  Soon, Mary is running the risk of losing her teaching job.  The parents don’t want a murderer teaching their kids…

In fact, it appears that only one person is willing to stand up for Mary and that’s Susan!  Susan is not only Mary’s lawyer but she’s her best friend as well.  But how is Susan going to react if she finds out that Mary kissed her husband…

Towards the end of A Deadly Affair, there’s a scene where the murderer says, “Thank you for begging.  I appreciate that.”  I love that line and it pretty much sums up the reason why I enjoyed this movie.  A Deadly Affair is an enjoyably twisty and over the top murder mystery, the type of movie where characters interrupt meetings by storming into the room, shouting, “You bitch!” and then slapping someone hard.  It’s a lot of fun.

And, I don’t want to give away any spoilers but I will say that the person playing the murderer did a really good job when it came time for the big reveal.  It takes a definite skill to make the confessional monologue compelling but this person did it.

A Deadly Affair was a lot of fun.  If you enjoy over the top melodrama (and who doesn’t?), you’ll enjoy this one.

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