Music Video of the Day: Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King (2015, dir by Michael Maxxis)

Since I shared the first video for Elle King’s Ex’s and Oh’s yesterday, I figured that I should probably share the second version today.

This is the official version and, while it’s nice to see men getting objectified for once, I have to admit that I still prefer the first version.  That version, after all, had zombies.

Still, enjoy!


Music Video of the Day: Ex’s & Oh’s by Elle King (2014, dir by ????)

To a lot of people, this will always be known as the Lifetime song.  That’s because Lifetime used to always play this song in their commercials and it always fit in perfectly with whatever melodramatic movie was being advertised.  Like the best Lifetime films, Ex’s & Oh’s may sound dramatic but it’s actually very humorous and self-aware.

Just consider some of my favorite lyrics:

Well, I had me a boy, turned him into a man
I showed him all the things that he didn’t understand
Whoa, and then I let him go
Now, there’s one in California who’s been cursing my name
‘Cause I found me a better lover in the UK
Hey, hey, until I made my getaway
One, two, three, they gonna run back to me
‘Cause I’m the best baby that they never gotta keep
One, two, three, they gonna run back to me
They always wanna come, but they never wanna leave

Myself, I loved this song even before it became a Lifetime anthem.  This is one of those songs that it’s fun to sing off-key to while you’re stuck on Central Expressway.

There’s actually two videos for this song.  The video that I shared today is the first version and I like it the best because there’s zombie at the end!


Music Video of the Day: Wannabe by The Spice Girls (1996, dir by Jhoan Camitz)

Since today is Mel C’s birthday, I decided to go with a Spice Girls video for the video of the day.

Wannabe was the Spice Girls’s first video and, when it was released, it took only two hours for it to become the number one selected video on The Box, a British cable network.  It stayed at number one for 13 weeks and it only fell from that spot because the Spice Girls released another video.

This video was directed by commercial director Jhoan Camitz.  According to Wikipedia, this was his first music video.  According to the imvdb, it was his third.  Reportedly, he originally wanted to film the video at a hotel in Barcelona but, when he was denied permission, he instead filmed at the Midland Grand Hotel in St. Pancras, London.

The video was banned in some parts of Asia, because it was considered to be too provocative.

I’ve taking turns trying to convince nearly everyone here at the Shattered Lens to, at some point in the future, review Spice World.  So far, everyone’s refused so I may to do it someday myself.


Music Video of the Day: Hey Heartbreaker by Dream Wife (2018, dir by Mason London)

This trippy video came out five days ago and it’s already a favorite of mine. To be honest, I have a weakness for anything that involves a robot band breaking free and beating up a bunch of drunks.


2017 In Review: Lisa Marie’s 14 Favorite Songs of 2017

(Originally, I was going to list my picks for the best in SyFy today.  However, I need one more day to work on that so look for that tomorrow!   For now, here are my favorite songs of 2017!)

Every January, I list my favorite songs of the previous year and, every January, I include the same disclaimer.  My favorite songs are not necessarily the favorite songs of any of the other writers here at the Shattered Lens.  We are a large and diverse group of people and, as such, we all have our own individual tastes.

If you ever visited the TSL Bunker, you would be shocked by the different music coming out of each office.  You would hear everything from opera to death metal to the best of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.  And then, of course, you would reach my office and you would discover that my taste in music pretty much runs the gamut from EDM to More EDM.

Now, usually, I do try to listen to a variety of music.  You can go to my Song of the Day site — Lisa Marie’s Song of the Day — and see that I do occasionally listen to other types of music.  But, I have to be honest.  2017 was not a year that inspired me to really leave me comfort zone.  If anything, music provided me with some much needed consistency in an otherwise chaotic year.  2017 was a year that made me want to dance until it was all over and, for the most part, my favorite songs of the year reflect that fact.

Before I list my songs, I should make something else very clear.  These are my favorite songs of 2017.  I’m not saying that they’re necessarily the best songs of 2017.  I’ll leave that debate for others.  Instead, there are the songs that I found myself listening to over and over again.  These are the songs made me dance.  These are the songs that made me sing.  A few of these songs relaxed me when I needed to be relaxed.  These are songs that I liked.

You might like them.

Or you might not.

That’s the beautiful thing about art.  Everyone experiences it in their own individual way.

Here are my favorite songs of 2017:

14. Shutdown by Joywave

13. Love So Soft by Kelly Clarkson

12. Rainmaker by Sleigh Bells

11. I feel It Coming by The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk

(Technically, this is a 2016 song but I listened to it a lot in 2017 and this is my list so fuck it, I’m including it.)

10. Alone by Alan Walker

9. Byte by Martin Garrix & Brooks

8. You Could Be by R3HAB featuring Khrebto

7. Mirage by Lindey Stirling featuring Raja Kumari

6. Rich Boy by Galantis

5. What About Us by P!nk

4. First Time by Kygo & Ellie Goulding

3. Escape Reality Tonight by Paul van Dyk & Emanuele Braveri ft. Rebecca Louise Burch

2. Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift

  1. It Ain’t Me by Kygo, featuring Selena Gomez

For tomorrow’s look back at 2017, I will (finally) share my picks for the best of the SyFy Network!

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Music Video of the Day: Slowly by Son Lux (2018, dir by Alex Cook)

Today’s music video of the day is the video for Son Lux’s Slowly, which was released yesterday.

Your guess about what’s going on in this moody, black-and-white video is probably as good as mine.  Myself, I like the atmosphere and the feeling of death creeping around every corner.  At the very least, that’s what I see.  Others will undoubtedly disagree.

This video was directed by Alex Cook, who also directed the video of Son Lux’s Dangerous.


Music Video of the Day: Endlessly by Mystery Skulls (2017, dir by Double Ninja)

A city in the desert is under attack!  Can it be saved?

Watch the video to find out!

I like this video.  It’s fun.  I’m not going to overanalyze it because, quite frankly, sometimes simply being fun is underrated.

Here’s the full credits as listed on promonews.  Double Ninja and Thomas Vernay are one in the same.

Double Ninja
Thomas Vernay
Agence Cumulus
Thomas Vernay
Devin Sarno
Warner Bros. Records
Double Ninja
Mathias Lemaire Sgard, Raoul Mallat, Marie Houssin, Paul Raillard, Gabriel Murgue
Nathan Otano
Léonard Olivier, Loris Pernaut, Florent Ribeyron