Music Video of the Day: Low Rider by War (1975, dir by ????)

This is a song that really gets stuck in your head!

The song, of course, is about cars.  Myself, I’ve always associated this song with Dazed and Confused. I’ve also always liked that line about the low rider getting a little higher because it’s such a 70s line.  It’s like the parents think it’s about the car and the kids know it’s about the driver.

As for the video, my favorite part comes at the end:

Far out!


Music Video Of The Day: Mission Impossible by Lindsey Stirling, feat. Piano Guys (2013, dir by ????)

It’s definitely not easy carrying out a top secret spy mission while playing a violin but if anyone could pull it off, it would be Lindsey Stirling!

Please enjoy this fun little video from 2013!

Music Video of the Day: One More Time by Daft Punk (2000, dir by Leiji Matsumato)

Sorry, everyone!  I’m running a bit behind today (or is it tonight?  Daylight Savings Time makes everything confusing!) so I don’t really have much prepared to say about this video, beyond the fact that I like it and I like the song.  That I like both shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.  In general, I like anything that involves Daft Punk.


Music Video of the Day: There’s A Beast and We All Feed It by Jake Bugg (2014, dir by ????)

Unfortunately, the official video for this song keeps getting yanked off of YouTube.  I assume that’s due to the fact that the video features like 4 seconds of nudity and God knows, we can’t have that on the internet.

Anyway, since that video keeps getting yanked, here’s another video of Jake Bugg performing There’s A Beast and We All Feed It.  This performance comes from the 2014 Reading Festival and it features Jake at his best.  As for the song …. well, it’s an attack on all of us.  And you know what?  We probably deserve it.


Music Video of the Day: Paperback Writer by The Beatles (1966, dir by Michael Lindsay-Hogg)

This is my second favorite Beatles song, right after A Day In The Life.  I think the reason I like this song is because it feels like it could have been written about so many different people who I know.  According to Wikipedia, this song was written as the result of Paul McCartney’s aunt daring him to write a song that wasn’t a love song.  (Of course, Paperback Writer is kind of a love song.  It’s the story of an author who loves money enough to write a dirty story about a dirty man.)

This video was filmed outside of the Chiswick House in London.  Michael Lindsay-Hogg went on to direct the Beatles’s final film, Let It Be.


Music Video of the Day: Heading Up High by Armin van Buuren, featuring Kensington (2016, dir by Boris Booij)


This video features a prison break.  Apparently, the best way to escape from prison is to go straight up.  Don’t waste your time with any of that digging stuff.  I would actually be in a lot of trouble if I ever had to escape from prison.  I’m scared of heights so I can’t really go through the roof.  And I have a thing about not getting dirt under my fingernails so I’d have a hard time tunneling through the walls.  I guess if I was in prison, I’d have to seduce the warden or something.  Either that or I’d just do my time and then write a book about it.  Chained Redhead: The Lisa Marie Bowman Story. It would be a best seller, I think.

Among the prisoners escaping from the prison is Hardwell.  I’m glad he made it.

Speaking of prison, has anyone watched that 60 Days In show on A&E?  By the time this post drops, this season’s finale will have aired.  I have to say that this season was a hundred times better than the previous seasons.  I’m just a little bit worried about how everyone’s going to adjust to being out of prison.  For instance, Abner and David both really got into the whole prison mentality.  Anyway, if you didn’t watch this season, you really missed out.