Lisa’s Week In Review: 9/28/20 — 10/4/20

The first four days of our annual Horrorthon are in the book and wow, am I exhausted!

October is my favorite month of the year, specifically because this is the month when I really, really push myself to the point of blissful exhaustion.  You know that feeling when you feel like you’re about to collapse and then suddenly, you get a new bust of energy?  Those are the moments that I live for.  By the way, did I mention that I’m too mentally exhausted to make any sense tonight?  Just something to keep in mind….

Here’s what I watched, read, listened to, and wrote about this week:


Films I Watched:

  1. Alive (2020)
  2. Are These Our Children? (1931)
  3. Blood Rage (1987)
  4. Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island (2020)
  5. Dead of Night (1977)
  6. Dying to be a Cheerleader (2020)
  7. Everfall (2018)
  8. The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)
  9. Host (2020)
  10. Inner Demon (2020)
  11. It Takes All Kinds (1950)
  12. Jealousy (1950)
  13. Kidnapped by a Classmate (2020)
  14. Killer in the Guest House (2020)
  15. Marriage is a Partnership (1951)
  16. Marriage Today (1950)
  17. Mister 880 (2020)
  18. One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)
  19. Psycho Sister-In-Law (2020)
  20. Tales From Parts Unknown (2020)
  21. This Charming Couple (1950)
  22. Twisted Twin (2020)
  23. Who’s Boss? (1950)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. 2020 Presidential Debate
  2. Bar Rescue
  3. Barnaby Jones
  4. Big Brother 22
  5. Cannon
  6. Dancing With The Stars
  7. Doctor Phil
  8. Dracula
  9. Dragnet
  10. Friends
  11. Ghost Whsiperer
  12. Love Island
  13. Mannix
  14. Ratched
  15. Seinfeld
  16. South Park
  17. The Vow

Books I Read:

  1. By Reason of Insanity (1979) by Shane Stevens
  2. The Exorcist (1971) by William Peter Blatty

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Arcade Fire
  2. Big Data
  3. Billie Eilish
  4. The Chemical Brothers
  5. Deradoorian
  6. Dua Lipa
  7. Georgia Twinn
  8. Ghosted
  9. Gin Wigmore
  10. Goblin
  11. John Carpenter
  12. Kevin Bias
  13. Muse
  14. The Naked and Famous
  15. Pentatonix
  16. Phantogram
  17. Purity Ring
  18. Saint Motel
  19. Wendy Carlos

Links From The Site:

  1. I shared music videos from Georgia Twinn, Deradoorian, The Naked and Famous, Pentatonix, Kevin Bias, Ghosted, and Billie Eilish.
  2. I paid tribute to Mario Bava, Jack Arnold, Steve Miner, and Ken Russell!
  3. I shared scenes that I love from The Shining, Halloween, Burnt Offerings, and Night of the Living Dead!
  4. I shared my Oscar predictions for September!
  5. I reviewed a lot of things.  Deep breath: Bloodshot, Bad Boys For Life, I Still Believe, Coda, John Henry, Dangerous Lies, Murder To Mercy, Twin Murders, Rising High, Dragonheart: Vengeance, Sleeping With Danger, Her Deadly Sugar Daddy, Twisted Twin, The Killer in the Guest House, Psycho Sister-In-Law, Kidnapped By A Classmate, Are These Our Children, Go For It!, Coma, Mister 880, Fantasy Island, Kung Fu Zombie, William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist, Blood Rage, Everfall, From The Dark, Curtis Richards’s Halloween, Girl on the Third Floor, Tales From Parts Unknown, Burnt Offerings, Die Cheerleader Die, Host, Alive, By Reason of Insanity, and The Giant Spider Invasion!
  6. Case reviewed The Car: Road to Revenge, Errementari, and The Watcher in the Woods!
  7. Erin welcomed you to October and she shared the Evil Schemes of Dr. Death!  She also shared: Narcotics Agent, Agent of the Unknown, Double Feature, Wilderness, Night Walker, Night of the Black Horror, and Ghost Stories!
  8. Jeff reviewed Valdez is Coming, Fist Fighter, A Time To Die, Spring 2020, Anguish, Bogeyman, Fever Lake, The Sock Puppet Killer, Spider-Man, Ghosts are Good Hosts, and The Incredible Hulk Returns!
  9. Ryan reviewed On Transit and Dog Book!

Horror On The Lens:

  1. Satan’s Triangle
  2. An Evening With Edgar Allen Poe
  3. Where Have All The People Gone
  4. Bloodlust!

Episodes of Horror on TV:

  1. Baywatch Nights 2.1
  2. Baywatch Nights 2.2.
  3. Baywatch Nights 2.3
  4. Baywatch Nights 2.4

More From Us:

  1. At Days Without Incident, Leonard wrote about Halcyon and On and On (by Orbital)!
  2. Ryan has a patreon and you should consider subscribing!
  3. I wrote about Big Brother for the Big Brother Blog!
  4. At SyFy Designs, I shared: Happy October!
  5. At my Dream Journal, I shared: Last Night’s Home Burglary Dream!
  6. For Horror Critic, I reviewed The Inner Demon, The Amazing Colossal Man, and War of the Colossal Beast!
  7. On my music site, I shared songs from Phantogram, Arcade Fire, Kedr Livanskiy, Gin Wigmore, The Chemical Brothers, Purity Ring, and Dua Lipa!
  8. At her photography site, Erin shared: Landing Pad, Welcome Home, Bank Building, October, Under The Trees, October Cabin, and Stepping Out!

Want to see what happened last week?  Click here!

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