Horror on TV: Baywatch Nights 2.1 “Terror of the Deep” (dir by Gregory J. Bonnan)

During the month of October, we like to share classic episodes of horror-themed television.  That was easier to do when we first started doing our annual October horrorthon here at the Shattered Lens because every single episode of the original, black-and-white Twilight Zone was available on YouTube.  Sadly, that’s no longer the case.

However, there is some good news!  Twilight Zone may be gone but every episode of Baywatch Nights is currently available on YouTube!

Baywatch Nights was a show that ran for two seasons in the 90s.  It featured David Hasselhoff as a guy who was a lifeguard during the day and a private detective at night.  The first season featured Hasselhoff solving crimes and hardly anyone watched.  The 2nd season featured Hasselhoff fighting monsters and other supernatural forces.  Again, no one watched but the 2nd season was still a lot more fun.

Now, I’ve shared random episodes of this show in the past but, for this year’s Horrorthon, I’m going to share every episode from the 2nd season of Baywatch Nights.  It’s not easy keeping those beaches safe!

For tonight’s episode, we have the first episode from season 2.  In this episode, Hasselhoff and company investigate a boat that may have been sunk by a sea monster.  Assuming that you’ve spent the first 40 or so years of your life believing that there’s no such thing as sea monsters, how would you react upon discovering that they actually did exist?  I think it would drive most people crazy.  That’s my theory.  Hasselhoff and company, however, handle things pretty well.

Anyway, here’s the episode, which originally aired on September 26th, 1996!  Enjoy!

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