Lifetime Film Review: Her Deadly Sugar Daddy (dir by Brooke Nevin)

I have to admit that the term “sugar daddy” just amuses the Hell out of me.

Seriously, I can’t hear anyone use that phrase without starting to laugh.  I mean, it’s just such a ridiculous combination of words.  I remember that Dr. Phil went through this phase where, every week, he did a show about irresponsible millennials who, instead of getting a job, were going online and visiting what Phil called, “sugar daddy websites.”  Once you’ve heard Dr. Phil say, “sugar daddy” twenty times, it’s hard to take the term seriously.

Needless to say, when it comes to Lifetime films, sugar daddies are a popular topic.  I’ve lost track of the number of Lifetime films that I’ve seen in which a young woman decides that the only way to make ends meet is to start accepting money from older, wealthier men.  I mean, it seems like a good idea.  You get to dress up and you get a good dinner and you get to spend time in a really nice house and sometimes, you even get to fly on a private plane.  But, in the end, it’s never worth all the trouble.  First off, your parents and your friends will inevitably judge you and say that they’re ashamed of you.  Number two, there’s always a good chance that your sugar daddy will either 1) die of a heart attack at an inopportune time or 2) end up becoming obsessed with you.  To quote an anti-meth commercial that I recently watched on YouTube, “Don’t do it.  Not even once.”

In Her Deadly Sugar Daddy, Bridget (Lorynn York) gets involved in the world of being an escort not just because of the money ($10,000 a week!) but also because she needs something write about.  Bridget and her friend, Lindsey (Aubrey Reynolds), have recently moved over to Los Angeles from Arizona.  (This film makes it sound as if Arizona is literally on the other side of the world from California.)  The daughter of a famous novelist, Bridget wants to make a living as a writer.  However, she doesn’t want to write books, at least not yet.  Instead, she wants to blog.  Unfortunately, when she goes to the corporate headquarters of, she’s told that she doesn’t have enough experience to be one of their writers.  She’s told that she needs to start her own personal blog and build up a following before she can even think of writing for a fine site like Swerve.

(Hey, it worked for that Movie Bob guy.)

A bad date leads to Bridget meeting Anthony (Brent Bailey), a bearded businessman who ends up giving Bridget a job.  He needs someone to keep track of his schedule for him.  Bridget agrees.  He also needs someone to entertain older male clients.  After a little bit of hesitation, Bridget agrees to that too.  After all, she needs something to blog about, right?

Unfortunately, Anthony has an obsessive streak and some control issues.  Add to that, he doesn’t particularly want his employees blogging about his business or, for that matter, taking pictures around the office.  Soon, Bridget’s life is in danger.  If she survives, she’ll at least have something to write about….

Her Deadly Sugar Daddy delivers what you typically want out of a Lifetime film like this.  Anthony owns a big house and he works in a big office and Bridget’s clothes are to die for and an important life lesson is learned at the end of it all.  Brent Bailey is properly charming and intimidating as Anthony and Lorynn York (who has appeared in several of these films) is sympathetic as Bridget.  I have to admit that, on a personal level, I enjoyed the film because I’m a blogger who has worked as a personal assistant so I could relate to Bridget.  That said, I’m not interested in working at Swerve.  Through the Shattered Lens is perfect for me.

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