Horror Film Review: Everfall (dir by John Kissack)

The 2018 horror film, Everfall, tells the story of Eva and Daniel.

Eva Saint (Jessica McLeod) is a figure skater who, at one time, had a bright future.

Daniel (Joe Perry) is the world’s worst boyfriend.

Daniel is also the reason why Eva’s skating career get derailed.  Daniel hosts his own “extreme sports YouTube channel,” which he calls “The Daniel Show.”  Daniel is the type who tends to say things like, “This is going to be a totally new direction for the Daniel Show!”  One of Daniel’s new directions was to convince his girlfriend to stand on a ledge.  Unfortunately, while Daniel was showing off for the camera, Eva fell off that ledge and broke her leg.

A year later, Eva’s leg is scarred but healed.  She wants to get back into the world of competitive figure skating but she’s struggling.  She’s no longer as confident in herself as she once was.  None of her old partners want to work with her anymore.  Even worse, she’s still going out with Daniel.  I’m not sure why.  If I was dating a guy who was responsible for me falling off a roof, I’d probably break up with him as soon as I regained consciousness.

Eva’s coach gives her one last option.  She can go to an obscure little town called Everfall, where they have an annual skating competition.  Eva’s never heard of it before but she knows that she has to do something so she agrees.  And again, for some reason, she takes Daniel and Daniel’s cameraman, Jordan (Kristian Wang), with her.

The competition at Everfall turns out to be even worse than Eva was expecting.  First off, the ice skating rink appears to be on the verge of collapse.  Secondly, there don’t seem to be another other skaters around.  The mysterious Mrs. Redgrave (Catherine Gell) sends Eva to Dressing Room #5.  Dressing Room #5 turns out to be a not very pleasant place to be….

Everfall is an effectively creepy film, one that makes good use of its eerie location and which features an excellent performance from Jessica McLeod.  Everfall is also a film that never really makes much sense but, in this case, that’s acceptable.  When you’re dealing with a skating rink that may or may not be haunted by several ghosts, you can get away with a little incoherence.  The film is full of surreal moments and disturbing imagery.  Characters appear to die and then, just as quickly, they show back up again.  It’s a film that was obviously influenced by Kubrick’s The Shining — particularly the final few scenes — but it also manages to carve out its own rather odd identity.

While Eva, Daniel, and Jordan are wandering around the skating rink from Hell, there’s also wildfire raging around the town of Everfall.  Amazingly enough, Eva’s father is a fireman but he refuses to acknowledge that Eva’s in any sort of danger.  Eva’s parents are played by Jayson Therrien and Julie Orton.  They bicker through the entire film and, to be honest, I could have done without the majority of their scenes.  The scenes between Therrien and Orton wreck havoc on the film’s narrative momentum.  Whenever you’re really starting to get into whatever’s happening to Daniel, Eva, and Jordan, Eva’s parents pop up and start arguing with each other.  The main theme of these scenes is that Eva’s dad isn’t willing to rescue her from a fire despite the fact that he is a fireman and that’s literally his job.  You really can’t help but feel sorry for Eva.  She never had a chance.

Everfall has its flaws.  This is one of those films where the camera is always moving, even when it should be sitting still.  That said, there’s enough strange details and out-there plot twists to make it an effective head trip and it ends on a nicely surreal note.  That’s always a good thing.

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