Lisa’s Week In Review: 7/20/20 — 7/26/20

It’s difficult, isn’t it?  The constant onslaught of bad news can be hard take, especially when you know that it’s being pushed by people who have an incentive when it comes to keeping everyone depressed.  I’ve always said that one of the secrets to good mental health is to get away from social media and to go out and enjoy yourself.  Unfortunately, so many things have come together this year to take away that option for a lot of people.  When I do go out and talk to people, I discover that things aren’t as bad as you might think.  But when I stay inside and just look at twitter or the news, it’s easy to feel like the entire world is falling apart.

I was really looking forward to 2020.  This is the 10 year anniversary of this site and I had a lot planned.  Unfortunately, I’ve had to put a lot of those plans on hold.  For instance, it’s hard to do a series of reviews about the Olympics or Cannes when both of those events have been delayed.  It’s hard to review a series of political films when neither the Democratic nor the Republican convention is going to be occurring (at least not in their usual way) this year.  It’s difficult to review new films when all of the theaters are closed and all of the big films are being pushed to the side.  The same is true when it comes to reviewing TV shows.  The world’s on hold right now.  I’m not whining about it or playing the poor me game.  I’m just acknowledging the truth of the situation as far as my 2020 plans are concerned.

So, what do I do?  Do I give up, as so many others have?  Do I say, “Well, I’m just going to sit around and be miserable?”  Or do I simply put those plans on hold, secure in the knowledge that I will get a chance to do them eventually?  Me, I’m going with the latter.  As of right now, it looks like our 10 year anniversary celebrations are going to extend into 2021 because 2020 just doesn’t count.  Then again, perhaps we should make every day a celebration whether it’s an anniversary or not.

I was going to start work on a bunch of back to school reviews next month but now it looks schools might not be reopening.  So, we’ll put those reviews off until 2021.  I’ll just concentrate on getting my reviews for the October horrorthon prepared.  The important thing is to never ever give up.

Here’s what I did this week!

Films I Watched:

  1. After Midnight (2020)
  2. Arkansas (2020)
  3. Her Deadly Groom (2020)
  4. House (1985)
  5. I Was Lorena Bobbitt (2020)
  6. The Invisible Woman (2020)
  7. Mile High Escorts (2020)
  8. Murder in the Vineyard (2020)
  9. Night of Terror (1972)
  10. Psycho Yoga Instructor (2020)
  11. Shirley (2020)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. The Alienist
  2. Children’s Hospital
  3. Degrassi
  4. Dragnet
  5. Fear City: New York vs. The Mafia
  6. House Hunters
  7. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  8. The Love Boat
  9. Medical Police
  10. The Office
  11. The Powers of Matthew Star
  12. Saved By The Bell: The College Years
  13. Twilight Zone
  14. Wynonna Earrp

Books I Read:

  1. Mexican Gothic (2020) by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
  2. The Swap (2020) by Robyn Harding

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. BANKS
  2. Big Data
  3. Bob Moses
  4. Britney Spears
  5. Calvin Harris
  6. The Chemical Brothers
  7. Creed Bratton
  8. The Crystal Method
  9. Daft Punk
  10. Deadmau5
  11. Dillon Francis
  12. DJ Snake
  13. Elle King
  14. Elohim
  15. Ennio Morricone
  16. Future Islands
  17. Garth Emery
  18. HAIM
  19. Hardwell
  20. The Hunted
  21. Jakalope
  22. Lush
  23. Metric
  24. Public Service Broadcasting
  25. Rich White
  26. Saint Motel
  27. Taylor Swift
  28. UPSAHL

Our Continuing Tribute To Morricone:

  1. Theme From Frantic (Frantic)
  2. La Lucertola (Lizard In A Woman’s Skin)
  3. Spasmodicamente (Spasmo)
  4. The Theme From The Stendhal Syndrome (The Stendhal Syndrome)
  5. My Name Is Nobody (My Name Is Nobody)
  6. Piume di Cristallo (The Bird With The Crystal Plumage)
  7. For Love One Can Die (D’amore si muore)

News From Last Week:

  1. From Avatar 2 to Mulan: Delayed films and their new release dates
  2. Regis Philbin, TV’s Enduring Everyman, Dies at 88
  3. ‘Gone With the Wind’ star Olivia de Havilland dies at 104
  4. John Saxon, ‘Enter the Dragon,’ ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Actor, Dies at 83

Links From The Site:

  1. Erin wished everyone a Happy Moon Day and profiled artist Darrel Greene!  She also shared: Navy Romances, What A Body, Pleasure Island, No Mask For Murder, Diamond Head, Isle of Free Love, and Ah King!
  2. Jeff reviewed Cease Fire, A Cry For Help, Shell Game, Thunder Alley, Meatballs IV, Fools, and War Hunt!
  3. Ryan reviewed Five Perennial Virtues, MOAB, and Wimp Digest!
  4. I shared music videos from Public Service Broadcasting, Garth Emery, Metric, Saint Motel, Bob Moses, Creed Bratton, and Calvin Harris!  I reviewed Arkansas, After Midnight, Mile High Escorts, Murder in the Vineyard, Psycho Yoga Instructor, and I Was Lorena Bobbitt!  I shared tributes to Olivia de Havilland, John Saxon, and Stanley Kubrick!

More From Us:

  1. Ryan has a patreon!  Consider subscribing!
  2. At my music site, I shared songs from The Crystal Method, Lush, Elle King, Future Islands, Bob Moses & ZHU, The Hunted, and BANKS!
  3. At her photography site, Erin shared: Machines, Corner View, Four Ducks, That One Tree, Green, Fountains, and Made of Glass!

Want to see what I did last week?  Click here!

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