Lifetime Film Review: Mile High Escorts (dir by Sam Irvin)

Mile High Escorts aired on Lifetime on July 19th.  Because I was hosting the #ScarySocial live tweet of City of the Living Dead, I missed it but thanks to my DVR, I was able to record it and watch it earlier today.  Seriously, will there ever be a better invention than the DVR?

Mile High Escorts tells the story of Lauren (Saxon Sharbino).  Lauren is a flight attendant.  She gets to fly all over the world and she’s even put in a request to be assigned to the Paris route.  How could her life get any better?  Well, don’t ever take your happiness for granted because reality soon intrudes on Lauren’s perfect world.  The airline announces that they’re going to be cutting back on flights, which means that Lauren and her friend Ashley (Kara Royster) are going to be flying less and also making a lot less money!  But Lauren needs that money because her father is on the verge of getting kicked out of his home.  And Ashley needs the money because …. well, Hell, who doesn’t need money?  (I totally related to Ashley.)

Fortunately, a chance meeting with Hannah (Christina Moore) might be just the solution to Lauren and Ashley’s problems.  Hannah owns a private airline and she’s always looking for new flight attendants.  Because her airline is exclusively used by wealthy, handsome, and single (if just for the weekend) men, her flight attendants have to be attractive and they have to be friendly.  They also have to be willing to spend time with their clients even after the airplane has landed.  She offers Lauren a job but Lauren, at first, is reluctant.  It sounds too much like an escort service to her, largely because it is.  But then Lauren’s hours get cut and her father’s unpaid bills start to pile up and soon, Lauren and Ashley are mile high escorts!

At first, everything seems great but, as we soon discover, the life of a mile high escort is not a simple one.  Sure, at first, it’s a lot of fun.  All of the passengers are handsome and rich and like to have a good time.  Lauren even makes a connection with Thomas (Esteban Benito), who appears to be a rare nice guy.  But this is a Lifetime movie so you know the fun can’t last.  It turns out that the private airline business is indeed a shady one and someone is murdering mile high escorts.  Can Lauren and Ashley figure out what’s going on before they become the next victims?

I absolutely loved Mile High Escorts.  This movie had everything that I love about Lifetime movies.  The plot was melodramatic and full of scheming and sex.  The clothes were to die for.  The men were handsome.  Christina Moore did a great job keeping you guessing as to Hannah’s motivations and both Saxon Sharbino and Kara Royster were likable in the lead roles.  This was a fun Lifetime film.  You don’t watch a film like this and worry about whether or not the plot makes total sense.  You certainly don’t watch a film like this because you’re hoping for a realistic portrait of what it means to be a mile high escort.  You watch a film like this because it’s fun!  And Mile High Escorts definitely was.


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