Lisa’s Week In Review — 1/27/20 — 2/2/20

This has been a great week!  Not only did I finally get over being sick but, on Thursday, I got to see my favorite band, Saint Motel, live!  They’re currently touring to support their latest, The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Part 1 and they put on a hell of a show!  Seriously, this groups put out the most positive vibes of any group that I’ve ever seen perform live so if you get a chance to see them, take it!

With the Sundance Film Festival now behind us and the Oscars coming up next Sunday, I kind of feel like 2020 is finally really starting.  Looking back over January, I think we did a pretty good job observing the first month of our 10-year anniversary celebration.  I’m looking forward to the rest of the year.

Here’s what I watched and listened to this week:

Films I Watched:

  1. 7th Heaven (1927)
  2. The Believer (2001)
  3. Convoy (1978)
  4. Crown Heights (2017)
  5. Degrassi Goes Hollywood (2009)
  6. Doctor Zhivago (1965)
  7. East Lynne (1931)
  8. Friends Who Kill (2020)
  9. Frozen River (2008)
  10. Great Expectations (1946)
  11. Jimmy (2013)
  12. Marjorie Prime (2017)
  13. Zontar: The Thing From Venus (1966)

Television Shows I Watched:

  1. 9-1-1: Lone Star
  2. 60 Days In
  3. The Bachelor 24
  4. Beverly Hills 90210
  5. Curb Your Enthusiasm
  6. Doctor Phil
  7. The Good Place
  8. Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours To Hell and Back
  9. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  10. The Masked Singer
  11. Project Runway
  12. Super Bowl 54

Books I Read:

Though I did quite a bit of reading, I didn’t finish a single book last week and I feel awful about it.  I have to make up for it this week.

Music To Which I Listened:

  1. Bee Gees
  2. The Chemical Brothers
  3. Girl in Red
  4. Jennifer Lopez
  5. Kedr Livanskiy
  6. Planet 1999
  7. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  8. Saint Motel
  9. Shadow Show
  10. Shakira
  11. Steve Aoki
  12. TOPS
  13. Tove Lo

Awards Season Links:

  1. Costume Designers Guild
  2. Visual Effects Society
  3. Casting Society of America
  4. Writers Guild of America
  5. Art Directors Guild
  6. Sudance Film Festival

Super Bowl Ads:

  1. A Quiet Place 2
  2. Hunters
  3. Sonic The Hedgehog
  4. The SpongeBob Movie
  5. Top Gun: Maverick
  6. Mulan
  7. Fast and Furious 9
  8. Black Widow
  9. No Time To Die
  10. Minions: The Rise of Gru
  11. The MCU on Disney+

News From Last Week:

  1. Chinese people are using “Chernobyl” to channel their anger about the coronavirus outbreak
  2. Author tour for controversial ‘American Dirt’ is canceled

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  3. Jeff reviewed Last Blood, Outlaw Justice, Club Paradise, Brexit, Blown Away, Any Given Sunday, and North Dallas Forty!  He shared music videos from Sex Pistols, Sonny & Cher, and Madness!  He wished a happy birthday to W.C. Fields and John Ford!
  4. Leonard shared the trailer for Fast 9!
  5. Ryan reviewed Queer Uprisings and shared his weekly reading round-up!
  6. I shared music videos from Tops, Aoki, Planet 1999, and Saint Motel!  I reviewed The Diary of Anne Frank, Brittany Runs a Marathon, Amadeus, Great Expectations, The Report, 7th Heaven, Crown Heights, East Lynne, Frozen River, and Marjorie Prime!  I shared a scene from Twin Peaks: The Return, a film called Combat America, and my top 6 Super Bowl commercials!

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Lisa’s Top 6 Super Bowl Commercials

So, as far as this year’s Super Bowl was concerned, the commercials were disappointing.  I mean, sure, we got a few movie trailers that looked really good.  I’m super excited for Black Widow and Mulan, not to mention Hunters and WandaVision. 

But, otherwise, it was a pretty forgettable year for commercials.  I mean, I guess we should be glad that, for the most part, we didn’t have any gigantic corporations trying to sell themselves as being woke crusaders.  (We did get that one beer commercial that had to include clips of people at a protest mark because that’s definitely something you want to do while your drunk off your ass.  Why are beer commercials always so pompous?)  With the exception of one well-meaning but rather creepy spot for Google, there also weren’t any disturbingly morbid commercials like that one from a few years back where the TV crushed the child.  There was also a definite lack of grotesque commercials.  There was no Puppy Monkey Baby or whatever the Hell that thing was.

Instead, the majority of the commercials were kind of tasteful and a little bit dull.  There was one commercial where Martin Scorsese invited Jonah Hill to a party and that would have been fun if Jonah Hill hadn’t looked so depressed.  I was like worried about him the entire time I was watching the commercial.  And then there was another one where Ellen DeGeneres wondered what people did before Alexa and that would have been a funny commercial if not for the fact that it felt like it went on for like an hour.  There was a Facebook commercial where Sylvester Stallone beat up Chris Rock for some reason.  And, of course, there was a Mike Bloomberg commercial because there’s always a Mike Bloomberg commercial.

Anyway, usually I do a top ten list after every Super Bowl but this year, I’m just doing my top six because that’s the type of year it was.  As I said previously, my favorite commercials were for Black Widow and Disney+ but, since I already shared those on this site, I will not be listing them below.

In other words, here’s the best of the rest:

6. Cheetos

I liked this commercial because it was basically the opposite of all of those incredibly pompous beer commercials where they act like their product is going to save the world.  Instead, Cheetos proudly announced, “Buy our product and you’ll never have to help anyone again!  And really, let’s be honest.  The world is not full of people who want to help you move.  The world is full of people looking for an excuse to say, “Sorry, can’t do it.”  This commercial is for them.

5. Mr. Peanut

Seriously, Baby Nut is freaking adorable.

4. Mountain Dew

Bryan Cranston as Jack Torrance?  Hey, it works.  To be honest, even if not for Cranston’s cheerfully demented performance, this video would have worked just for the final shot of the elevator.

3. Hard Rock Hotel

A lot of people on twitter didn’t care much for this commercial because …. well, I’m not sure what their problem was.  I thought it was fun.

2. Tide

I enjoyed all of Tide’s Super Bowl commercials, mostly just because Charlie Day is adorable.  I was a little bit annoyed when they tricked me into thinking that I was about see a new commercial for Wonder Woman 1984 but, even in that case, I have to give them credit for taking me by surprise.  Tide should definitely use Charlie Day in all of their commercials and get rid of that boring couple talking about “the funk.”

  1. Jeep

From the minute I heard about this commercial, I knew it would probably end up being my favorite of the night and it turns out that it was.  Usually, I hate Jeep commercials because they tend to be almost as pompous as beer commercials but how can you resist Bill Murray and Phil?

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, everyone!  I hope your team won.  And if they didn’t, I hope they win next year.  And if they don’t …. well, maybe look for a new team.  I don’t know.  Football’s not really my thing.  I do like the commercials, though.

Congratulations To The Super Bowl 54 Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs!

Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs on their amazing come from behind victory in the Super Bowl tonight!  I thought that the 49ers had it all wrapped up until the final six minutes of the game when the Chiefs came alive and scored two touchdowns, giving them a 31-20 victory and their first Super Bowl title in 50 years!  It was a great game.

And now that the football season is over with, bring on baseball!

The Universe Is Expanding: Here’s The Super Bowl Disney+ MCU Trailer!

The universe is expanding!

Out of the three shows that are featured in the teaser below, it’s the one with Wanda and Vision that most interests me.  I can’t wait to see what happens with those two characters.  And, of course, there’s no way I couldn’t smile a little when Loki popped up.  His death in Infinity War depressed me almost as much as Black Widow’s death in Endgame.

Here’s The Super Bowl Teaser For Minions: The Rise of Gru!

The Minions are back.

Actually, the <inions are cute.  One of the first things that Arleigh and I bonded over was our love of the Minions.  That said, I have my doubts that there’s really much more that can be done with the Minions.  Still, I get the feeling this new movie will be cute.

We’ll see!


Here’s The Super Bowl Teaser For No Time To Die!

No Time To Die is the 25th James Bond film and apparently, it’s going to be Daniel Craig’s last.  I’ve been pretty critical of Craig’s interpretation of Bond and I hated SPECTRE but the Super Bowl teaser for No Time To Die actually looked kind of good.

So, let’s hope for a film that will leave us stirred and not shaken!

Here’s The Super Bowl Teaser for Black Widow!

Hell yeah!  This teaser is literally one of the main reasons I’m watching the Super Bowl this year!  I’m a little bit worried that the movie is going to be like, “Yes, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow is dead but here’s a replacement that we won’t have to pay as much!” but still, I can’t wait to see it.

Seriously, if I could be any MCU character, I would be the Black Widow.  (I also would have shoved Jeremy Renner off that cliff in Endgame.  Seriously, I’m still mad about that scene.)

Here’s The Super Bowl Spot For Top Gun: Maverick!

Here it is!  The Top Gun: Maverick Super Bowl spot!

This spot admittedly doesn’t really tell you a lot about the film.  Tom Cruise is back, but we already knew that.  Val Kilmer shows up for a second or two.  Lots of airplanes, of course.  And really, that’s probably all that this preview needed to be effective.