Here Are The AFI’s Top 10 Films of 2017!

The Big Sick

Yesterday, the American Film Institute named their picks for the 10 best films of 2017!

Traditionally, the AFI has been a pretty good precursor of what’s going to actually be nominated for best picture.  Usually, with one or two exceptions, the AFI Top Ten closely mirrors that best picture lineup.

(For the record, in 2016, Lion and Hidden Figures received Best Picture nominations, despite being snubbed by the AFI.  Brooklyn and The Revenant pulled it off in 2015 and, in 2014, The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Theory of Everything were snubbed by AFI but were still nominated for best picture.)

So, what does that mean for 2017?  Well, it’s very good news for The Big Sick, Wonder Woman, and Get Out, all of which are genres that have traditionally struggled to get best picture nominations.  It’s also potentially bad news for both Mudbound and Darkest Hour, neither of which made the AFI’s list.

  • “The Big Sick”
  • “Call Me By Your Name”
  • “Dunkirk”
  • “The Florida Project”
  • “Get Out”
  • “Lady Bird”
  • “The Post”
  • “The Shape of Water”
  • “Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”
  • Wonder Woman”

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