Music Video of the Day: Gagarin by Public Service Broadcasting (2014, dir by Alex Kemp)

There are some things that just make you smile and, for me, this video is one of those things.  I love this song.  I love the dancing.  I love the whole spirit of the video.  It brings me enjoyment at a time when the world seems like a very negative place.  What more need I say about it?

Gagarin was the first single to be released from Public Service Broadcasting’s 2nd album, The Race For Space.  As you can probably guess just from the title (and the song), the entire album deals with the history of the space race and the rivalry between the Americans and the Russians.  Gagarin is specifically about Yuri Gagarin, the first man ever to journey into space.

Did Yuri Gagarin find time to dance during his orbit around the Earth?  No, of course not.  He was in a tiny Vostok spacecraft and, as a Communist, he probably wasn’t allowed to dance.  (This is the main idea behind communism, isn’t it?  No dancing unless you’re listening to Rage Against The Machine or something like that.)  Gagarin was lucky in that, unlike a lot of other participants in the Russian space program, he actually survived his journey.  Still, if it had been allowed and if there had been room and maybe a source of gravity, I bet he would have danced.

Gagarin was directed by Alex Kemp, who has two other videos to his credit: Public Service Broadcasting’s Signal and Duotone’s Alphabet.  The choreography is credited to Kieran Donovan.

Anyway, enjoy!

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