Artist Profile: Peter Stevens (1920–2001)

Born in Cardiff, Peter Stevens was the son of two artists.  (His father, Lawrence Sterne Stevens, was a prominent pulp artist at the same time as his son.)  Peter Stevens studied at London’s Royal Academy of Art and, with his wife, moved to New York in 1940.  It was while serving in the Army during World War II that Peter sold his first pulp illustrations to Argosy.  From 1943 to 1963 (when his shifted his focus to doing commissioned portraits), Stevens did covers for almost every prominent pulp magazine.

A few of those covers can be found below:

2 responses to “Artist Profile: Peter Stevens (1920–2001)

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  2. I have a large, 20″ x 20″, framed, color illustration by Peter Stevens (1920-2001), created approx. in the early 1950s, depicting a “Fair” type setting with the main subjects appearing to be Doris Day and Rock Hudson, strolling arm-in-arm past some near by “concession(s)” with several observers looking on with conspicuous interest.

    The work is very well done and speaks boldly of it’s intended depiction.
    Overall, the frame and work is excellent.

    I am open to any and all input regarding market demand / value, etc. I believe I can support all relevant provenance as necessary.


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