Mass Effect: Andromeda Official Launch Trailer

It’s been five years since the Mass Effect 3 ended Commander Shepard’s fight against the intergalactic menace known as the Reapers. While there were many who didn’t like how the trilogy ended by way of choosing which color circle it was still a satisfying conclusion to one of best game series in recent memory.

One bittersweet note was the fact that it was the last game that I played co-cooperatively with long-time site video game writer Semtex Skittle who passed away a year after the game’s release.

From what I’ve seen of Mass Effect: Andromeda since it was first announced two years ago this looks like a new direction in the series that Semtex Skittle would’ve found refreshing and worth revisiting the game universe.

This launch trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda definitely follows in the cinematic trailers of it’s three previous entries. Here’s to hoping that this new story in the series lives up to the original trilogy’s legacy.

Here’s the Trailer for Atomic Blonde!

Here’s the trailer for Atomic Blonde, which stars Charlize Theron as an ass-kicking British spy.

I have to admit that, whenever I have the office to myself here at the TSL Bunker, I often imagine what would happen if a bunch of spies suddenly showed up and started trying to hack into our files.  In my imagination, it usually plays out something like this trailer.

Except, of course, it’s called Atomic Redhead

Music Video of the Day: Knowing Me, Knowing You by ABBA (1977, dir. Lasse Hallström)

It took 33 music videos, but I think I’ve reached what is my current favorite ABBA music video. This is the Snow Version of Knowing Me, Knowing You. We already did the Sailboat Version.

If there’s one thing that should be clear by now about ABBA music videos, it’s the importance of blocking in them. I think this video is one of the finest examples of that. I love the parts of the video where the person singing switches, but the camera doesn’t cut as you would normally expect it to. Instead, it either moves on its own to another member of the group, or follows one of them into another position onscreen.

The other reason I particularly like this music video is because it features more of Benny and Björn. It feels like a full group song and video rather than Agnetha and Frida with those two guys in the background of some shots. This allows them to do interesting things by having four people to work with in a greater capacity than previous videos.

My favorite example of this is when it starts with Agnetha and Frida walking…

past Benny and Björn…

where the camera stops for a bit to let them get out their backing vocals.

Then it quickly goes over to Agnetha and Frida who are in their typical headshot and profile-shot blocking.

They finish their part, and Agnetha walks over to stand between Benny and Björn.

The camera moves in to crop out Björn.

Finally, Angetha walks back over to Frida to be in the same headshot and profile-shot thing, but with her on the opposite side of Frida.

It also leads them symbolically out of the relationship of the song that ends with hugs, freeze-frames as they look back, and them walking off into the distance.

One last thing to take note of is that the video appears to begin with Agnetha and Frida having already left, as evidenced by their footprints in the snow–footprints we see them make at the end of the video.


ABBA retrospective:

  1. Bald Headed Woman by The Hep Stars (1966, dir. ???)
  2. En Stilla Flirt by Agnetha & ??? (1969, dir. ???) + 8 Hootenanny Singers Videos From 1966
  3. Tangokavaljeren by Björn (1969, dir. ???)
  4. Vårkänslor (ja, de’ ä våren) by Agnetha & Björn (1969, dir. ???)
  5. Titta in i men lilla kajuta by Björn (1969, dir. ???)
  6. Nu Ska Vi Vara Snälla by Björn & Agnetha (1969, dir. ???)
  7. Finns Det Flickor by Björn & Sten Nilsson (1969, dir. ???)
  8. Nu Ska Vi Opp, Opp, Opp by Agnetha (1969, dir. ???)
  9. Det Kommer En Vår by Agnetha (1969, dir. ???)
  10. Beate-Christine by Björn (1969, dir. ???)
  11. En Stilla Flirt by Agnetha & ??? (1969, dir. ???) + 8 Hootenanny Singers Videos From 1966
  12. Att Älska I Vårens Tid by Frida (1970, dir. ???)
  13. Min Soldat by Frida (1970, dir. ???)
  14. Söderhavets Sång by Frida (1970, dir. ???)
  15. Ring, Ring by ABBA (1973, dir. Lasse Hallström)
  16. Ring, Ring by ABBA (1973, dir. ???)
  17. Love Isn’t Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough) by ABBA (1973, dir. ???)
  18. Waterloo by ABBA (1974, dir. Lasse Hallström)
  19. Hasta Mañana by ABBA (1974, dir. ???)
  20. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do by ABBA (1975, dir. Lasse Hallström)
  21. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do by ABBA (1975, dir. ???)
  22. Bang-A-Boomerang by ABBA (1975, dir. Lasse Hallström)
  23. SOS by ABBA (1975, dir. Lasse Hallström)
  24. Mamma Mia by ABBA (1975, dir. Lasse Hallström)
  25. Knowing Me, Knowing You by ABBA (1976, dir. ???)
  26. Tropical Loveland by ABBA (1976, dir. ???)
  27. When I Kissed The Teacher by ABBA (1976, dir. ???)
  28. Tiger by ABBA (1976, dir. ???)
  29. Money, Money, Money by ABBA (1976, dir. ???)
  30. Money, Money, Money by ABBA (1976, dir. Lasse Hallström)
  31. Fernando by ABBA (1976, dir. Lasse Hallström) + Spanish Version
  32. Dancing Queen by ABBA (1976, dir. Lasse Hallström)
  33. That’s Me by ABBA (1977, dir. Lasse Hallström)