Lisa 6 Favorite 2015 Super Bowl Commercials!

While I did watch the Super Bowl tonight, I have to admit that I only watched it for the commercials.  Back in 2013, I did a post on my favorite super bowl commercials and I meant to do the same thing for 2014 but, for whatever reason, I never got around to doing so.  So, I was definitely not going to miss out this year!

Unfortunately, the commercials really weren’t that great this year.  Perhaps if I was looking for a new car, the constant barrage of car commercials would have been more interesting.  I found a lot of the so-called “empowering” commercials to be condescending.  (To be honest, I always resent the idea that I need a commercial to make me feel good about myself.  I’m stronger than that.)  The McDonald’s commercial where people got free food for telling their mom that they loved them upset me because my mom’s not here for me to tell her how much I love her.  And then there were all the commercials about fathers bonding with their sons (never their daughters, interestingly enough) and those made me want to throw stuff as well.

In fact, when all is said and done, my favorite part of the Super Bowl was not watching that commercials.  Instead, it was watching the dancing sharks.

Dance, Shark, dance!

Dance, Shark, dance!

But there were a few commercials that stood out.  For example, there was the Nationwide dead kid commercial, which made me feel like a terrible person because I started giggling as soon as I saw that the TV had fallen over.  And then there was that GoDaddy commercial that was so offensive that it didn’t even make it to air.  (The commercial featured a lost puppy who, upon finally making his way back home, discovers that he’s being sold online.  Dear GoDaddy, I hate you and your asinine commercials.  Stop trying to be edgy, ‘kay?  Okay.)

Oh!  And don’t forget the Nissan commercial about the NASCAR driver who is a crappy father but then makes up for it by showing up at his son’s school in a new car.

My boyfriend actually paid more attention to the game than the commercials, which is like totally the wrong way to do the Super Bowl if you ask me.  But, for the record, his favorite ad was the Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl commercial.  I’m just happy that he got something out of the game.

Anyway, here are my 6 top Super Bowl commercials.

6) Liam Neeson for Clash of Clans

I really don’t know much about Clash of Clans but this commercial made me laugh because this is how I’ve always imagined Liam Neeson passes the time between Taken movies.

5) Pierce Brosnan for Kia

This is actually one of the few car commercials that I actually enjoyed.  Pierce is aging well and appears to have a pretty good sense of humor about how his career will always be defined by James Bond.

4) Nationwide — Invisible Mindy

Everyone was so traumatized by the Nationwide Dead Kid commercial that the Invisible Mindy commercial kinda got lost in the shuffle.  That’s a shame because it’s actually pretty clever.  What really made the commercial, for me, was the Matt Damon cameo at the end.  It was appropriate because Mindy first came to prominence when she and a friend wrote and performed a play called “Ben and Matt,” which told the story of Matt’s bromance with Ben Affleck.

3) The Snickers Machete Bunch Commercial

Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi!  Need I say more?

2) The Budweiser Puppy Commercial!

This one made me cry.

1) NO MORE’s Official Super Bowl Ad

And finally, here’s my top ad.  This one was powerful and important and all it was selling was hope for a better future.

Congrats New England Patriots!


Arleigh has in the past taken time to congratulate the San Francisco Giants upon winning the World Series, so as a long time New England Patriots fan, I can only say congratulations to the Patriots for winning the Super Bowl, and here’s to hoping that he’ll win a record fifth championship next year! Yes, this is a short post, but that’s all that’s needed right now.

Heroes Reborn — The Super Bowl Ad!

And finally, here’s one final Super Bowl preview to share with all of you.  Now, I have to be honest.  I never watched Heroes.  That guy who was always screaming in the commercials got on my nerves.  I did however enjoy bugging Dazzling Erin by continually saying, “Save the cheerleader, save the world” during the entirety of the show’s run.

Awwwww …. good memories.

Anyway, in the form of a 13-episode miniseries, Heroes is making a comeback on NBC and a lot of people online are excited about it.  Me, I’m still trying to get caught up on Agents of SHIELD…

Tomorrowland — The Super Bowl Ad

Y’all — is Tomorrowland going to be any good?

I hope so because, after having to sit through the trailer every single time that I’ve gone to a Disney film, I’m starting to look forward to seeing it.  This Super Bowl ad didn’t really tell me anything new about the film but it certainly looks like it might be fun!


Terminator Genisys — The Super Bowl Ad!

Here’s the Super Bowl Ad for Terminator Genisys, which features the former governor of California fighting a younger version of himself.  In case anyone was wondering, we now have confirmation that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be saying, “I’ll be back.”

Fast & Furious 7 – The Super Bowl Ad.

Universal is up again during the Super Bowl with this trailer for Fast & Furious 7, which has Vin Diesel’s Dominick Toretto and his family facing off against Jason Statham, who plays the brother of Luke Evans’ character in the last film. As usual, it looks like there will be some crazy car stunts, and there seems to be more in-air acrobatics (which is weird, for cars). We still don’t know how the story will deal with the passing of Paul Walker, but they appear to have their action scenes all set.

Fast & Furious 7 (or Fast 7) opens in cinemas on April 3rd.


Insurgent – The Super Bowl Ad.

The Super Bowl also presented an ad for Insurgent, the sequel in the Divergent Series. Sporting a new hairdo, Shailene Woodley takes on Kate Winslet in this Matrix-like sequence. I’m not entirely sure of what to take from this, save that it looks like Triss is again putting up a fight. We’ll have to see how it goes when the movie opens this spring.