Congrats New England Patriots!


Arleigh has in the past taken time to congratulate the San Francisco Giants upon winning the World Series, so as a long time New England Patriots fan, I can only say congratulations to the Patriots for winning the Super Bowl, and here’s to hoping that he’ll win a record fifth championship next year! Yes, this is a short post, but that’s all that’s needed right now.

6 responses to “Congrats New England Patriots!

  1. I was so tempted to post something like this, but I figured you had more right to it than I did. Here in Pittsburgh, no team is more hated than the New England Patriots. Oh sure, everyone pretends to hate the Ravens, but we love the rivalry itself. With New England, there is no rivalry. There are just two big home field AFC championship letdowns.

    Lucky for me, I’ve had a weird obsession with sports franchises from the Boston area ever since I was a little kid. I got over those Steelers losses easily enough in time for the big game. But I never did get over 2007. No single sporting event ever left as lasting and bitter a taste in my mouth as Super Bowl XLII. I feel like a few hours ago I was still holding my breath waiting for David Tyree to lose control of that ball. Now I can finally let it out. Cheers!


  2. I thought I was the one who was deathly sick today, but after reading Sailor’s FB messages as the game went on I was worried he was going to make it through the game.

    I think he might have found a new superstition when it comes to Pats playing in the Super Bowl. Just keep saying out loud that they’re done and going to lose and the team will do the opposite.


    • Haha, looking back on that I do have to say that my inner pessimist was in full bloom last night. But, if that’s what it takes, then I’ll be a pessimist all season long next year!


  3. The funny thing was that I thought I was in the minority when it came to 49ers fans wanting the Patriots to win, but seeing my FB timeline I was wrong. I think every 49ers fan was pulling for the Patriots because it was going to be at the expense of the Seahawks.


  4. The more I think how this game ended, the more a factor totally unperceived by the media begins to set in: we actually witnessed one of the greatest coaching decisions in Super Bowl history.

    It’s easy to forget what was going through every Pats fan’s mind in the seconds leading up to that interception. “Why the hell isn’t Belichick calling time out?” I wanted to pull my hair out of my head. It was unbelievable. But that’s because I knew, like everybody else, that Marshawn Lynch was about to punch the ball through for a touchdown, and that Brady needed every second he could get for any hope at creating a field goal attempt to tie it.

    Maybe one person didn’t “know” that. The Patriots’ winning offensive strategy centered around short passes for time-consuming drives that took factors like Richard Sherman out of the ballgame. The chances of Brady going down the field in 30 seconds were slim. The chances of Carroll calling a pass play on that fateful down were, as it turns out, really high. As the Seahawks coach has repeatedly stated, it was not a panicked decision. It was completely in keeping with how he manages a football game. If anyone else in that stadium Sunday knew that, it was Bill Belichick. In not stopping the clock, he cast the bait. Carroll bit it, and paid the price.


    • I think I was too busy alternately thinking “Not again, not another miracle catch in the last minute to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl” and envisioning them somehow being able to run the kickoff back for a TD. Then the play happened, I saw the interception, and to be honest I think my brain overloaded (or I started to blackout from all the alcohol, that could be too) and I barely remember anything after that. I remember calling up a lot of people, rambling whatever drunken jubilation I had to say, I made this post, and kept it as short as I did because at that point I could barely see, and then off to bed for me. I didn’t have time to contemplate the brilliance of the Dark Lord not calling the time out and forcing Carroll to blink until I woke up the next day and got rid of my hangover. This was undoubtedly one of the best Super Bowl games of all time, and the most thrilling for me as a Pats fan since their first Super Bowl championship in 2001 (2002 if you wanna go with when the game was played).


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