Let’s Go To The Cities With The Pulps!

by Glen Orbik

With the 4th of July approaching, let’s celebrate the American city with the pulps!  Ever since the early days of the pulp industry, writers and artists have excited readers with stories about the lives of those living in America’s cities.  Here, curtsey of some of the best artists to have worked in the industry, is a pulp-guided tour of those cities!

by Al Rossi

by Barye Phillips

by Barye Phillips

by C.C. Beall

by James Avati

by James Meese

by Lou Marchetti

by Mitchell Hooks

by Owen Kampen

by Rafael DeSoto

by Raymond Johnson

by Robert Maguire

by Robert Schulz

by Robert Stanley

by Rudy Nappi

by Rudy Nappi

by Rudy Nappi

by Stanley Meltzoff

by Victor Olson

by Walter Popp

by William George