AMV of the Day: This Is Halloween (RWBY)

With Horrorthon coming to a close for the year, it’s time for one last AMV of the Day.

Anime: RWBY

Song: This is Halloween (performed by Marilyn Manson)

Creator: Primordial Paper (please subscribe to this creator’s channel)

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AMV of the Day: This Is Halloween (Blood-C)

As the first full week of Horrorthon comes to an end, let us celebrate with an AMV of the Day!

Anime: Blood-C

Song: This is Halloween (performed by Marilyn Manson)

Creator: WOTundPANZER (please subscribe to this creator’s channel)

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Music Video of the Day: Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These), covered by Marilyn Manson (1996, dir by Dean Karr)

Goddamn, that pig freaks me out!

Seriously, though, we all know what Marilyn Manson is about and what you’re going to get when you watch one of his videos and he’s been around for so long that it’s kind of hard to get shocked by him.  I mean, he’s been imitated by so many other artists that he now almost seems kind of quaint.

But that said, this video is still seriously freaky.

And, of course, this song shows what Marilyn Manson does so well, taking a song that was formerly not scary at all and then making it his own.  I mean, seriously….


Music Video of the Day: The Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson (1996, dir by Fiona Sigismondi)

Hey, remember when Marilyn Manson was considered to be like really shocking and dangerous?


Well, that’s understandable.  Marilyn’s been around for a while and he’s been so imitated that I think it’s kind of easy to forget just how much people freaked the fuck out about Marilyn Manson’s music and videos in the late 90s.  They even attempted to blame him for Columbine.  (Marilyn Manson also said one of the few wise things about that shooting.  When asked what he would have said to the shooters, he replied that he wouldn’t have said anything but he would have listened to what they were saying because apparently, nobody bothered to do that before the shooting.)  Now, of course, we just tend to think of Marilyn Manson as being a kind of dorky guy who is into horror movies, which is a pretty good description of the majority of film twitter.

Anyway, The Beautiful People features Marilyn on stilts, which apparently scared people to death back in the day.


AMV of the Day: This Is Halloween (Soul Eater)

It’s been a while since we’ve done an AMV of the Day here at the Shattered Lens.  This seems like the perfect day to rectify that!

Anime: Soul Eater

Song: Marilyn Manson — This Is Halloween


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Trailer: Let Me Make You A Martyr

Here’s the trailer for Let Me Make You A Martyr, an upcoming crime film that has been getting a lot of attention because it features Marilyn Manson as a hit man.

I’m not sure how I feel about this trailer.  I like the visual atmosphere and it’s look like the film uses Manson to good effect.  At the same time, that droning voice over gets on my nerves.

I’ll be looking forward to discovering whether Let Me Make You A Martyr is another Cold In July or another Paperboy.

Song of the Day: Killing Strangers (by Marilyn Manson & Tyler Bates)


John Wick wasn’t just a surprise hit (relative to it’s modest budget) of 2014, but it was also one of the best films of that year. It was part of a renaissance in action film making that was ushered in by the two-punch combo of The Raid and The Raid 2 that came out of the mind of Gareth Evans.

This Keanu Reeves revenge action thriller didn’t just excel in the visual mayhem and the alternative world the title character lived and killed in, but it also was accompanied by a kick-ass soundtrack created by the underrated film composer Tyler Bates.

“Killing Strangers” is one of the songs from the film’s soundtrack. A song that perfectly captures the character of John Wick that’s sung by Marilyn Manson and composed by Bates himself.

Killing Strangers

This world doesn’t need no opera
We’re here for the operation
We don’t need a bigger knife
(Cause we got guns)
We got guns, we got guns
We got guns, you better run
(you better run, you better run, you better run)

We’re killing strangers
We’re killing strangers
We’re killing strangers, so we don’t kill the ones that we
We’re killing strangers
We’re killing strangers,
We’re killing strangers, so we don’t kill the ones that we
Love, love, love, love

We pack demolition
We can’t pack emotion
Dynamite, we just might
So blow us a kiss, blow us a kiss
Blow us a kiss, and we’ll blow you to pieces

We’re killing strangers
We’re killing strangers
We’re killing strangers, so we don’t kill the ones that we
Love, love, love, love

We got guns, we got guns
Motherfuckers better, better run
We got guns, we got guns
Motherfuckers better run
And we got guns, we got guns
Motherfuckers better, better, better run
We got, we got guns
Motherfuckers better run

We’re killing strangers
We’re killing strangers
We’re killing strangers, so we don’t kill the ones that we (better run!)

We’re killing strangers (we got guns!)
We’re killing strangers (we got guns!)
We’re killing strangers, so we (we got guns!) don’t kill the ones that we
Love, love, love, love
Love, love, love

Horror AMV of the Day: Sweet Dreams (Another)


For the first Horror AMV of the Day we go back to good old Another. Those not well-versed in the world of anime this series is literally titled Another.

Another is one of the best horror anime to arrive in years and it combines elements of the supernatural ghost story, mystery and, most important of all, enough gore to satisfy even the most bloodthirsty fan. What better way to advertise some of the highlights of Another than by making a video to the tune of Marilyn Manson’s cover of the classic Eurythmics song “Sweet Dreams”.

Horror anime is quite a tough thing to pull off well. Either one goes full-on gore but sacrificing a coherent narrative or going for characterization and a great story yet lacking in the blood and gore. Another is able to accomplish both and amv creator S&D Productions does a great job of making sure this comes across in the video simply titled “Sweet Dreams”.

Anime: Another

Song: “Sweet Dreams” by Marilyn Manson

Creator: S&D Productions

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Embracing the Melodrama #52: The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things (dir by Asia Argento)


Based on a controversial collection of short stories by JT LeRoy (which was a pen name used by the writer Laura Albert), The Heart is Deceitful About All Things covers three years in the life of Jeremiah and his dug addict mother Sarah.  Over the course of the film, Jeremiah is played by thee different actors — Jimmy Bennett at age 7 and, at age 10, Cole and Dylan Sprouse.  Sarah is fearlessly played by the film’s director, Asia Argento.

Partially in response to her extremely religious upbringing, Sarah spends most of her time drinking, smoking meth, and moving from man to man, the majority of whom treat both her and her son badly.  It looks like things are going to get better when Sarah marries the seemingly stable Emerson (Jeremy Renner) but, when Sarah suddenly abandons both her husband and her son so that she can go to Atlantic City, Emerson rapes Jeremiah.

Jeremiah is sent to live with his grandfather (Peter Fonda) and grandmother (Ornella Muti) who, it turns out, are members of an ultra-religious cult.  Thought Jeremiah initially manages to bond with his cousin Buddy (Michael Pitt), life in the cult proves to be no safer than life with his mother.  After three years with the cult, Jeremiah is standing on a street corner and yelling that everyone is going to go to Hell unless they repent when he is suddenly approached by Sarah.  Sarah grabs him and carries him over to a nearby truck that is being driven by her current boyfriend.

Sarah now supports herself as a dancer and as a prostitute.  When she realizes that the presence of her son is making men reluctant to pay for her, Sarah grows out Jeremiah’s hair and starts to dress him in her old clothes so that she can pass him off as being her younger sister.

Eventually, Sarah and Jeremiah find themselves living with amiable but slow-witted meth addict Jackson (Marilyn Manson) and that’s when things really start to head down hill…

In some ways, The Heart Is Deceitful About All Things is a difficult film to recommend because it is so extremely dark and depressing.  Much as in her debut film, Scarlet Diva, Asia Argento refuses to compromise on the bleakness of her vision.  She set out to make a realistic portrait of what it’s like to live on the fringes of American society and that’s exactly what she did.  If the end result is depressing…well, the fringes aren’t exactly a happy place.  In the end, you’re actually happy that the film is full of familiar actors like Argento, Michael Pitt, Peter Fonda, and Winona Ryder because you need that reminder that, ultimately, you’re watching a movie and that everyone was able to go home after they finished filming.

The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things may not be easy to enjoy but it is a film that, as a result of its uncompromising vision,  ultimately wins your respect.


AMV of the Day: Sexy

The latest AMV of the Day is one I was recommended to by YouTube itself when I was checking my emails. It was a winning video at AKROSS Con 2010 by amv creator opiumVIDOK. The video is titled “Sexy”.

All I can say why I accepted this recommendation and used it as the latest “AMV of the Day” is how it perfectly exemplifies the reasons why some people love watching anime: Guns, Sex and Violence. Sometimes one or two in the same anime while at other times all three appear at the same time. It’s only reasonable that the creator of the video chose to use Marilyn Manson’s “mOBSCENE” track to score the video. If there was ever a criticism detractors of anime have it’s always that too much anime are obscene to the point of being pornographic.

I don’t know if I agree with that. I mean just watching “Sexy” it looks to be just 3-minutes of good, wholesome, animated fun.

Anime: Black Lagoon, NANA, K-On!, Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun, To Love-Ru (TV), Hatsukoi Limited, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Song: “mOBSCENE” by Marilyn Manson

Creator: opiumVIDOK