Horror on TV: Baywatch Nights 2.19 “The Eighth Seal” (dir by Jon Cassar)


Tonight’s episode of Baywatch Nights, The Eighth Seal, was originally broadcast on April 26th, 1997 and it features David Hasselhoff getting possessed.

You really haven’t lived until you’ve seen David Hasselhoff play possessed.


Horror on TV: Baywatch Nights 2.14 “Ascension” (dir by Jon Cassar)

Tonight’s episode of Baywatch Nights is an odd one.  Mitch gets kidnapped.  Ryan dreams about it happening.  There’s a lot of weird torture devices.  Somehow, the Knights Templar are involved.  It always comes down to the Knights Templar, doesn’t it?

Seriously, how does one go back to being a lifeguard after all of this?

This episode originally aired on February 23rd, 1997.


Horror On TV: Baywatch Night 2.7 “Curse of the Mirrored Box”

A lifeguard’s job is never done!

On tonight’s episode of Baywatch Nights, Mitch has to save a young woman from a voodoo cult!  Because, listen — when you see a ghost, when you witness an alien abduction, when you realize that a cult is looking to commit a sacrifice, the first person you want to call is the beach patrol.

Being a lifeguard isn’t about just saving surfers, anymore.  Sometimes, it’s about saving the very soul.


Horror on TV: Baywatch Nights 2.3 “The Rig” (dir by Jon Cassar)

On tonight’s episode of Baywatch Nights, David Hasselhoff and Angie Harmon investigate yet another sea monster.

Let’s see.  The first episode of Baywatch Night featured a sea monster.  And then the 2nd episode featured a killer mermaid.  And then this episode features yet another monster living in the sea.  Could it be that after just 3 episodes, the writers of Baywatch Nights were running out of ideas?  Fortunately, later episodes would involve various land monsters.

That said, I do find the green blob to be kind of creepy.  In general, blobs are just scary.