Music Video of the Day: Hey You by Godhead (2006, dir by A.J. Rickert-Epstein)

So, I have to admit that today’s music video of the day is a bit of a last minute pick for me.  I got so busy reviewing trailers and watching cute cats on YouTube that I nearly forgot to pick a video!

And why did I pick this video?

Two words: Eric Roberts.

The video itself is okay.  The same can be said for the song.  (By now, you should be able to guess that my musical taste pretty much runs the gamut from EDM to more EDM.)  But, that said, the main reason I picked this video is because it features the reliably eccentric presence of Eric Roberts.

I guess the idea behind this video is that, if your boyfriend’s being a dick, you can call Eric Roberts and he’ll make the guy’s life difficult.  That sounds good to me and I’m sure if anyone could make that into a profitable business model, it would be Eric Roberts.  That said, judging from this video, it doesn’t look like he really got the job done here.

I don’t know.  It’s a confusing video, to be honest.  That’s okay, though.  Confusion is a good reminder that there are still mysteries left to be explored.


One response to “Music Video of the Day: Hey You by Godhead (2006, dir by A.J. Rickert-Epstein)

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