Rebecca Hall defends her family in the Resurrection Trailer!

“Impede my mission once more and I will beat you until you are dead.” I swear, I’ll never forget that line, especially coming from Rebecca Hall.

Showcased in this year’s Sundance Film Festival, Andrew Semans’ Ressurection is set to release in theatres by IFC Films and will also appear on Shudder. Rebecca Hall (Passing, Iron Man 3)gave a wild performance as Margaret, a woman revisited by someone (Tim Roth, The Hateful Eight) with a secret that can tear her family apart. The lengths to which Margaret goes to protect her daughter takes her to some extremes. This was one of four films I saw during Sundance’s VOD showings, and I’m looking forward to seeing it again.

Resurrection will be released in theatres on August 5th and then on Shudder soon after.

Here’s The Trailer for Resistance!

While we think about what won at the Oscars, we can also think about some of the movies that will be coming up over the next couple of months!

For instance, let’s consider the upcoming film, Resistance.  Resistance is being distributed by IFC films and it stars two past Oscar nominees, Jesse Eisenberg and Ed Harris.  The film deals with how, as a young man, the French mime Marcel Marceau was a member of the French Resistance.  Eisenberg plays Marceau while Ed Harris will play American General George Patton.  It’s an inspiring story and it has all the elements for a good and powerful film.

Resistance will be released on March 27th.  Here’s the trailer:

<– Birds of Prey (Dir by Cathy Yan)     Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S3 E1–>

Trailer: Sleeping Beauty (dir. by Julie Leigh)

This coming October we get a small indie film from Australia which has caught my attention since I saw it had been one of the entries to the main competition at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The film is Sleeping Beauty and it’s the directorial debut by Australian writer-director Julia Leigh and starring one of the industries rising young stars in Emily Browning.

Sleeping Beauty is described as an erotic drama which follows Browning’s university student who becomes involved in the hidden world of beauty and desire and those young women hired and trained to play a role in them. From what I could tell from the trailer and reading about reactions by audiences to the film at Cannes this film looks to have a similar tone and theme to British illustrator and erotic writer Erich von Götha (pseudonym used by Robin Ray).

With Cronenberg also exploring the more hidden corners of sexuality through psychoanalysis with his film A Dangerous Method it looks like the Awards season will have another sexually-charged film joining it around the discussion table with Julia Leigh’s Sleeping Beauty. The film is set for an release in the US sometime this October 2011.

James Gunn’s Super: Official Trailer

In what could be 2011’s version of Kick-Ass, the latest film from writer-director James Gunn looks to take the superhero genre into the realm of ultraviolence and some heavy dark comedy. The film is simply titled Super and stars Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler and Kevin Bacon and it’s about Wilson’s character deciding he’s had enough of being the meek and the weak. His decision to take control of his life takes him into a very dark place where superheroes are made and lots of vigilante justice served on crime everywhere.

From the look of the trailer it definitely looks like its going to go even farther than what Kick-Ass did in 2010. This film may also share something with that film in that it probably won’t make the sort of money it’s supporters and fans are hoping it’ll make.

So, I suggest people see this film as soon as it comes in their area. People need to support films like this or they should just shut up about how Hollywood has run out of ideas and only cookie-cutter flicks are being pushed on the audience year in and year out.


Cave of Forgotten Dreams by Werner Herzog (Official Trailer)

One of the films to be announced after the success of James Cameron’s Avatar that would also make use of 3D cameras came from an individual who many wouldn’t consider as a proponent of 3D filmmaking. Even during and after the production of this documentary film this filmmaker still is not a total convert to the process. What he did do is use the most advanced filmmaking technique to capture on film exactly what he wanted and 3D filmmaking was the only to give his vision justice.

The filmmaker I’m talking about is the great German director Werner Herzog. The film in question is his documentary about the cave paintings in the Chauvet Cave, Cave of Forgotten Dreams.

In an unprecedented move the French government allowed Herzog to film this documentary in the Chauvet Cave but with some heavy restrictions on what sort of equipment he  and his crew could use. They were also limited in where they could stand to film scenes within the cave. Despite these restrictions what scenes people saw during a showing at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival gave enough people an impression of Herzog’s vision.

The documentary will be released by IFC films this Spring of 2011 with the History Channel getting the rights to show it on TV. This is one of the films of 2011 of which I am very interested in seeing and the fact that it’s Herzog working in 3D is something that needs to be experienced on the big-screen.

The Human Centipede Official Trailer

2009 Fantastic Fest had one specific film which had a visceral effect on that film festival’s attendees. The fact that it won that festival’s Best Picture in the horror category gave it a boost in the buzz department. I am talking about the film directed by Tom Six titled simply, The Human Centipede: First Sequence.

Just watching the trailer and the sample clip below would be enough to sell the film for someone or just outright make them run straight to the bathroom. Either way it looks like this is one film which will not have a middle-ground when it comes to people’s reactions. If this film was released 25-30 years ago it definitely would be an example of what makes a grindhouse flick.