Music Video of the Day: I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll, covered by Britney Spears (2001, dir by Chris Applebaum)

It’s Britney!

This video was filmed at the Inn, which is a bar in Long Island.  The video features Britney performing with her then-backing band.  It also features a speaker that appears to be on the verge of exploding and a motorcycle.  To be honest, if I was performing this song, I would probably want a motorcycle on stage with me too.  This is a song that just makes you want to ride a motorcycle.

(Seriously, I’ve always had like a major weakness for motorcycles.  It’s not so much that I like to ride them as much as I just like to lean up against them.)

I can remember that, when this cover was first released, a lot of people complained that it wasn’t as good as the previous versions and Britney also got a lot of criticism for saying that she had been inspired by Pat Benatar’s cover when the cover was actually performed by Joan Jett.  Myself, I like Britney’s cover.  It’s fun to dance too and Britney always seemed like she was happy when she was performing it.  So, the haters can just shut up as far as I’m concerned.

Free Britney!


Music Video Of The Day: Overprotected by Britney Spears (2001, dir by Billie Woodruff)

This was one of the first Britney Spears videos to feature what would become a oft-visited theme in her videography: the desire to escape the paparazzi, relax, and dance.  This video finds Britney finding safety in an abandoned warehouse, which is the type of thing that’s kind of worrying to see.  I’ve seen enough horror movies to know that it’s never a good idea to go inside an abandoned warehouse, especially when you’re young and alone.

For instance, in college, I was fascinated by this deserted building that was sitting in the middle of the campus.  Apparently, the building used to be a dorm but, for whatever reason, it was closed down and then used to store furniture and what appeared to be damaged text books.  There were big chain locks on the door and weeds growing up all around it.  It was so strange, this creepy building sitting in the middle of our otherwise bland campus.

My friends and I would often go down to that abandoned building at 3 in the morning, just so we could look in through the windows and see if we could spot any zombies or serial killers.  We never did, though we screamed at every shadow.  Though we often talked about breaking into the building and exploring, we never did.  I didn’t believe in ghosts but I knew they’d suddenly exist if I entered that building.

I mean, it’s just common sense!

Luckily, Britney’s dancers follow her into the warehouse and presumably scared off whatever ghosts may have been haunting the place.  That, of course, allows this horror movie to turn into a dance party!  Yay!


Music Video of the Day: Criminal by Britney Spears (2011, dir by Chris Marrs Piliero)

But mama I’m in love with a criminal
And this type of love isn’t rational, it’s physical
Mama please don’t cry, I will be alright
All reason aside I just can’t deny, I love the guy

Well, seriously, can you blame her?  By showing us who she was with before she hooked up with the title character, the video for Britney Spears’s Criminal leaves little doubt that Britney made the right choice.  To be honest, that prologue makes the entire video and, especially when you consider the way that she’s been treated in real life, there’s something deeply satisfying about seeing Britney kick that jerk in the balls.

Britney’s co-star in the video was her then-boyfriend, Jason Trawick.  It was Britney’s idea to cast Trawick in the role and the director has said that he originally wasn’t enthused about the idea as Trawick was a former agent with little acting experience.  However, I think Trawick did alright.  The fact that he and Britney already had chemistry helped and, if nothing else, he’s not Kevin Federline.

This video was shot in the Stoke Newington district of London.  Apparently, there was some controversy because, at one point, Britney is seen holding a revolver and some locals felt that was insensitive given the district’s history of rioting.  Honestly, though, if you’re dating a criminal, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll end up holding a gun at some point.  Southern girls understand.


Music Video of the Day: Till The World Ends by Britney Spears (2011, dir by Ray Kay)

Remember that whole Mayan calendar thing that we kept hearing about from 2009 to 2012?

Basically, some people interpreted an ancient Mayan calendar as saying that the world was going to end in December of 2012 and, of course, there were people who believed that it had to be true.  Of course, back then, you could still make jokes on twitter without some self-righteous dumbfug attempting to “cancel” you so we all had a lot of fun with the speculation.  Still, I think everyone signed a bit of relief when we reached the final hour of 2012 without the world suddenly coming to an end.

The video for Britney Spears’s Till The World Ends comments on the whole Mayan calendar thing by specifically telling us that it’s taking place on December 21st, 2012.  While the world appears to be ending above ground, Britney Spears has a good time underground.  Buildings burn.  Rubble falls from the sky.  It’s probably safe to imagine that a lot of people ended up dying.  But, at least Britney survives.  Which is only fair because, after everything that Britney’s been through in her life, she’s earned the right to survive the apocalypse.

This video was directed by Ray Kay, a Norwegian filmmaker who has done videos from everyone from Justin Bieber to Beyonce to the Backstreet Boys.  The video was choreographed by Brian Friedman and was filmed in a basement in Los Angeles.  So, if the world’s ending, head for Los Angeles and break into a basement.  You won’t be sorry.


Music Video Of The Day: I Wanna Go by Britney Spears (2011, dir by Chris Marrs Piliero)

“Are you having Brad Pitt’s love child?”

“Fuck you.  Fuck you.  You’re cool.  And fuck you!”

You tell them, Britney!

(Though you do have to wonder why there’s a guy wearing a Burger King hat at Britney’s press conference.  Did he just sneak in or is he a reporter who was having lunch when he got an emergency text telling him that he needed to get across town immediately?  Either way, that crown saves him from the wrath of Britney.)

With this song and this video, Britney Spears tells the paparazzi and the haters and the exploiters and the judgers to all go to Hell and it’s totally awesome.  Britney also pokes fun at her own image in this video, which is something that she never gets enough credit for.

The opening of this video also pays tribute to the press conference in Fellini’s 8 1/2.  Fellini, I think, is a filmmaker who would have appreciated Britney Spears.  Perhaps he also would have appreciated actor Guillermo Diaz, who appears as the driver of a convertible.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Crossroads 2: Cross Harder.

Music Video of the Day: Work Bitch by Britney Spears (2016, dir by ????)

Happy Labor Day!

I’m not really sure what this day is supposed to be celebrating.  I mean, I assume that it’s the day in which the workers are all supposed to unite or join a union or whatever but I’m not sure how that links to a few people getting the day off and no trash being picked up.  Personally, I’m just happy for the long weekend and I’m going to hope that none of my neighbors accidentally put their trash out tomorrow because then it’ll end up sitting out in the alley for three days and a 3 day-old trash bag is not something that anyone needs to see.

Anyway, it’s a part of the Bowman family tradition that, for the entirety of Labor Day weekend, I only listen to Britney Spears.  Usually but not always, I not only listen but I also sing along.  For the most part, it depends on the air quality.  As important as it is to sing along with Britney, that part of the observance can be ignored if you were running the danger of losing your voice before the holiday began.  The important thing is that you have to make your decision whether or not to sing along before Labor Day actually begins and, once you make the choice, you have to stick with it.  This year, due to some seasonal allergies, my voice was already a little bit hoarse before the holiday weekend began so I’ve chosen only to sing along to a few of Britney’s songs.

Anyway, this being Labor Day and all, it only makes sense that today’s music video of the day should be Work Bitch.  Now, I already shared the first video for Work Bitch.  The version that I’m sharing today is the live version, which was filmed during Britney’s performance at the 2016 Apple Music Festival.

Work Bitch is probably my favorite Britney song.  If nothing else, it’s the one that my sister Erin and I seem to quote from the most.  “You better work, bitch,” is a phrase that has many different meanings in Lisa-and-Erin speak.  To understand the phrase’s meaning at any particular time, it’s important to listen for which word gets the most emphasis.  “You better work, BITCH,” is actually the most affectionate use of the phrase.  On the other hand, “You BETTER work, bitch,” means that someone’s in trouble.

Britney’s been going through a lot recently and, as always, she’s had to do it all in the glare of the public spotlight.  (Just imagine how any of us would come across if our every personal difficulty and/or emotional moment was displayed on TMZ?)  On this Labor Day, keep her in your thoughts.


Music Video of the Day: Kill The Lights by Britney Spears (2009, dir by PUNY)

Britney’s a cartoon!

This video for Kill the Lights finds Britney Spears being — what else? — hounded by the paparazzi so she promptly flies off into space and goes to another planet.  Unfortunately, it turns out that the entire universe is apparently obsessed with robbing Britney of her privacy.

This concept behind this video was the result of a fan fiction contest, in which people were asked to send their ideas to Britney’s management, via her website.  The winner of the contest was a girl from Argentina, who titled her submission “Known Everywhere.”  Believe it or not, I came very close to entering this contest myself.  You have to remember that this was back in 2009, when I was in a much darker place than I am today.  As such, my idea was for the video to be an homage to Lucio Fuci’s Zombi 2, with Britney going to a Caribbean island to investigate the death of Justin Timberlake and then getting bitten by a zombified Joey Fatone.  My idea was that the video would end with zombie Britney eating Kevin Federline.  Personally, I still think it’s a good idea but I never actually submitted it so I’ve got no one to blame for this video but myself.

Still, just imagine if I had submitted my idea and it had been accepted.  (Seriously, I totally would have won if I had entered the contest.)  Not only would Britney now being getting credit for the zombie revival but she’d probably also would have gone on to do any number of horror-themed music videos.

So, basically, I made a huge mistake by not submitting my idea and now the world is suffering.

Sorry about that.

Anyway, enjoy!