Music Video of the Day: Low by Cracker (1993, directed by Carlos Grasso)

For the record, Cracker lead singer David Lowery says that, despite the numerous drug references (junky cosmonaut, comes to mind), this song is not about drugs. He also says that the chorus is “like being stone” and not “like being stoned.” To be honest, the chorus makes more sense if Lowery was saying “like being stoned” but, in 1993, many radio stations wouldn’t play songs with blatant drug references so if Lowery says that he’s saying “like being stone,” I’ll take his word for it.

The video features Lowery getting outboxed by Sandra Bernhard. Director Carlos Grasso, at the time, said that the video was supposed to represent the battle between Lowery’s masculine and feminine sides. Grasso was also breaking up with his longtime girlfriend while directing the video so that undoubtedly played a role as well.


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