Putting The “True” And “Crime” In True Crime : Cathy Hannah’s “The Lonely Grave Of Bobby Franks”

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Let’s not kid ourselves : while the poor get locked up for penny-ante crimes like selling pot or smoking crack, the rich quite literally get away with murder on a massive scale. Whether it’s laying off thousands from their jobs with the stroke of a pen, or sending our young men and women in uniform off to die to protect their profit margins, the well-to-do are awash in river of blood, both economic and biological, for which they will never be called to account.

Still, every once in a blue moon, when their callousness and psychopathy leave the realm of the abstract and enter that of the personal, the results are too sickening for even their bought-off courts to ignore. Such was the case with Nathan Leopold Jr. and Richard Loeb, two spoiled scions of privilege who, in 1924, kidnapped and murdered their 14-year-old neighbor, Bobby Franks, simply because

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Artwork of the Day: Home To The Night (by George Ziel)

by George Ziel

This frightening cover is from 1975. The cover is scary because we don’t know what the woman is reacting to but it’s also scary because it appears that she was driving her car barefoot. Maybe that’s a Capricorn thing. I really want to read this book and find out.

Like yesterday artwork, this one was done by one of my favorite artists, George Ziel.

Music Video of the Day: Shake That Thing by The Georgia Satellites (1990, directed by Bill Fishman)

This is the Georgia Satellites song that is not Keep Your Hands To Yourself.

This video finds the band in New Orleans and dropping in on Kitten Natividad, the famed dancer and adult film star who is best known for the films she made with Russ Meyer. (She starred in both Up! and Beyond the Valley of the Ultra Vixens.) Natividad is still alive and working, at the age of 73.

The Georgia Satellites released their last studio album in 1997, though the band is still apparently active, with guitarist Rick Richards as the last original member to still be with the group. Lead singer Dan Baird retired in 2019, saying on his website, “I won’t quit making music, but it’ll be in my basement, at my home, where I can walk my dog, go to the gym 4 times a week, shave on Friday and go to sleep with my sweetie beside me every night.” That sounds like the ideal retirement to me.