Here’s The Trailer For Riders of Justice!

Riders of Justice is a Danish film, featuring Mads Mikkelsen as a soldier who comes home from Afghanistan after his ex-wife is killed in a train crash. When Mikkelsen receives information that the crash was not exactly an accident, he sets out for revenge. Though it may not be obvious from the plot description, Riders of Justice is apparently a dark comedy as well as being a thriller.

Riders of Justice proved to be a pretty popular film when it premiered in Denmark and was even nominated for several Danish film awards. (Again, you might not guess this strictly from reading a description of the film’s plot.) On May 21st, it’s finally going to be released here in the United States. I would suggest seeing the original now so that you can compare it to the inevitable English-language remake with Liam Neeson.

Here’s the trailer!

Artwork of the Day: A Painting By Vidan

by Vidan

I searched and searched but I could not find a title for this painting by Vidan. If I find the title or if someone is kind enough to let me know the title in the comments section, I’ll update the post. I’m in a sentimental mood and this painting reminds me of my sisters and I. Today’s artwork is being shared in honor of sisters everywhere!

Music Video of the Day: Mediate by INXS (1987, directed by Richard Lowenstein)

INXS plays tribute to Bob Dylan in today’s music video of the day!

Some members of the band did a better job than other when it came to keeping up with the cards but they all still did a pretty good job considering that this is a 2 and a half minute music video with no visible edits. This video was originally included on the backend of the video for Need You Tonight. Richard Lowenstein directed both videos and it was a definitely a canny move to combine the two and basically get MTV to promote two songs for the price of one.