Here’s The Trailer for Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.

Marvel’s continuing conquest of all forms of entertainment continue with the trailer for Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. This is an animated series that is going to air on Hulu. It’s about a super villain struggling with a mid-life crisis after his evil organization goes bankrupt and ends up getting sold to another evil organization. As much as I want to call him Gru, his name is apparently M.O.D.O.K.

Apparently, this series is not officially a part of the MCU but instead it takes place in some sort of parallel universe where everyone is animated and super villains sound like Patton Oswalt.

Anyway, the series drops on May 21st and here’s the trailer:

Time For Another Mini Kus! Week : Matt Madden’s “Bridge” (Mini Kus! #96)

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Wiser minds than I have posited that life is about “the spaces in between” — and even a dimwit such as myself realizes the “spaces” being referred to could mean those that exist between any number of things : our dreams and our reality, ourselves and those we love, our words and our deeds, you name it. The possibilities are pretty well endless. Occasionally those spaces are chronological in nature, occasionally they’re geographical, once in a blue moon they may even be inter-dimensional — and in Matt Madden’s new comic Bridge (number 96 in the venerable Mini Kus! series from our friends at Kus!), the spaces being explored definitely fall into the first two categories. Hell, you could even make an argument that they fall into the third — but they also might not represent nearly as wide a gulf as it would seem at first.

The bridge that the…

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Artwork of the Day: Crime Busters (Artist Unknown)

Artist Unknown

This is from 1938. Crime Busters was a pulp magazine that featured stories about several different recurring characters. It lasted for two years before it was renamed Street & Smith Mystery Magazine. Like a lot of pulp magazines, Street & Smith Mystery Magazine eventually fell victim to the World War II paper shortage. While Americas were fighting overseas, the resources for printing up salacious magazines were often hard to come by.

I don’t know who did this cover but I do like that the photo is apparently illustrating a story called The Hand of Glory.

Music Video of the Day: Don’t Talk To Strangers by Rick Springfield (1982, directed by Paul Justman)

This is the music video where Rick Springfield sets a landline phone on fire. That’s one way to keep your girl from talking to strangers. Even though the video suggests that Springfield is saying that you shouldn’t talk to strangers because you never know who they could actually be and you might be putting yourself in dangers, Springfield has admitted that the song’s message was less altruistic. Instead, it was a message to his girlfriend (and later wife), telling her not to talk to strangers while he was away because he was worried that she would end up cheating on him.

As Springfield explained to Variety, “Back then, I was scared that she was screwing around because I was doing the same thing.” Jesse’s girl could probably tell you something about that.

This video was directed by Paul Justman, who also did videos for The Cars and the J. Geils Band.