Here’s The Trailer for Occupation: Rainfall

To be absolutely honest with you, I kept waiting for this trailer for reveal the film to be a comedy. I think that was just my gut reaction to seeing Ken Jeong in a film about an alien invasion. But, actually, this film is not a parody. It’s a serious film about an alien invasion and it’s a sequel to the 2018 film, Occupation.

The film has already been released in Australia where it actually got pretty good reviews. It’ll be available here in the States in June.

Here’s the trailer:

Music Video of the Day: Abuse Me By Silverchair (1997, directed by Nick Egan)

I don’t know if there’s any abuse that can really compare to being forced to listen to Silverchair but some may disagree, The group’s lead singer, Daniel Johns, for instance, said that this song was an answer to all of their critics. Go ahead and abuse me, the song says, I’m still going to play my music. Johns also once said, in answer to the band’s many critics, that, “every song I’ve heard sounds like another song I’ve heard.” That’s certainly true if you’re listening to Silverchair.

This song was the band’s second biggest hit in the U.S. Much of that popularity may have had something to do with this video, which is a pretty good video regardless of what you think about the band’s sound. It was directed by Nick Egan, who also did videos for Duran Duran, Oasis, Alanis Morissette, and many others.