Have More Fun With A Second Dose Of A “Major Bummer”

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

Everything about Minneapolis-based cartoonist Peter Faecke’s Major Bummer #2 is painfully obvious — but the same was also true of the first issue (published, as this one is, by Hidden Fortress Press), and it’s rather the point. I’ve never known Faecke to do subtle, but is that some great artistic sin? Kirby didn’t either, after all, and would you really have wanted him to?

So, yeah, Major Dick Bummer, the US government’s deadliest weapon (living or otherwise) is back to kick more ass, and speaking of kicking ass, this offset-printed mini on heavy cardstock paper features a pleasingly limited and appropriate garish color palette that does precisely that, accentuating the visceral, vaguely Panter-esque impact of Faekce’s deliberately “crude” cartooning with a blast of blue, red, and black gradations that kick you in the eyeballs as surely as the drawings themselves kick you in the — well, let’s be equal-opportunity here…

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