4 Shots From 4 Audrey Hepburn Films: Funny Face, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Wait Until Dark, Robin and Marian

4 Shots From 4 Films is just what it says it is, 4 shots from 4 of our favorite films. As opposed to the reviews and recaps that we usually post, 4 Shots From 4 Films lets the visuals do the talking.

Today would have been Audrey Hepburn’s 90th birthday!  In honor of the legacy of this wonderful actress and humanitarian, here are….

4 Shots From 4 Audrey Hepburn Films

Funny Face (1957, dir by Stanley Donen)

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961, dir by Blake Edwards)

Wait Until Dark (1967, dir by Terence Young)

Robin and Marian (1976, dir by Richard Lester)

Sex And Drugs And BLOOD AND BLACK LACE (Allied Artists/Woolner Brothers 1964)

cracked rear viewer

Welcome to the weirdly wonderful world of giallo, pioneered by the late Italian maestroMario Bava . Though Bava’s THE GIRL WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (released stateside as EVIL EYE) is considered by connoisseurs the first, it was BLOOD AND BLACK LACE that defined the genre, with its comingling of crime drama, murder mystery, and horror elements coalescing into something truly unique. I hadn’t seen this film in decades before a recent rewatch, and was again dazzled by Bava’s technique. The film has proved to be highly influential in the decades-later slasher genre, yet has its roots set firmly in the past.

The opening sequence is a stunner, as we see the beautiful model Isabelle walking through a woodsy pathway on a dark and stormy night, stalked and then brutally murdered by a faceless, trenchcoated killer. From there, we’re introduced to the remaining cast, members of the haute couture fashion…

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How I See “Is This How You See Me?”

Ryan C.'s Four Color Apocalypse

It’s time to just come right out and say it : Love And Rockets is the greatest series in comics history. It’s so consistently good, in fact, that it’s often taken for granted, a part of our lives that we just assume will always be there — because, for many of us, it always has been.

That’s why, even though they don’t present anything new per se, I’m always happy when a stand-alone collection of a complete story comes out. Whichever Hernandez brother we’re talking about, Gilbert or Jaime, they produce work that allows for a completely different reading experience when presented alone, or one in conjunction with the other. I know I go through phases where Beto’s stuff seems to be speaking to me more directly, and (more frequently, I confess) phases where Jaime’s comics have that distinction, but I always enjoy the tonal and thematic contrasts…

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Music Video of the Day: In This World by Moby (2002, dir by Style Wars)

In case you’ve ever wondered what it will be like when the aliens finally arrive on Earth, it’ll probably be a lot like this video.  You do have to give the aliens credit for trying though.  They made signs and everything.  Maybe they’re mistake was landing in New York.  New York is a very busy city and most people don’t really have time to look for tiny aliens.  That said, you have to love their refusal to give in.  They’re not going to surrender to despair.  They’re just going to make a bigger sign.

One thing I always enjoy about the videos that Moby made in the early aughts is that the songs were often somber and tinged with sadness but the videos frequently weren’t.

The aliens, by the way, will be back tomorrow.