That’s Blaxploitation! 16: Pam Grier is SHEBA, BABY (AIP 1975)

cracked rear viewer

The Blaxploitation Explosion was beginning to wind down by 1975, but genre superstar Pam Grier had a few more aces left up her silky sleeve. One was SHEBA, BABY, a film that doesn’t get much love, probably due to its lower-then-usual budget restrictions, but I found it a more than passable entry, mainly because of Pam’s charisma. She carries the movie on her sexy shoulders and makes it watchable, budget be damned!

In this outing, we have gangsters terrorizing local Louisville, KY businesses, including Andy Shayne. Enter daughter Sheba, a Chicago PI who comes home just in time to help. The cops refuse to get involved, so when Andy’s gunned down by hoods, Sheba’s on the case, and there’s no stopping her from getting revenge on those creepy criminals…

Pam is again one bad sista, decked out in stylish 70’s fashions as she pursues the villains with aplomb. In fact…

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Music Video of the Day: Pa’ Bailar (Bailarin En El Tren) by Bajofondo (2009, dir by ????)

Today’s music video of the day comes to us from Bajofondo, a band made up of musicians from Argentina and Uruguay.  Bajofondo’s goal is to create and popularize a more contemporary version of tango and the other musical styles of the Rio de la Plata region.

This is an enjoyable video.  Watching it causes me to flash back to the summer I spent in Europe and especially riding the train into Venice.  Of course, nobody was actually dancing in the aisles on that train but it always seemed like they should have been.

Like yesterday’s music video of the day, I was introduced to this band, song, and video by twitter user @WarrenPeas64.