Music Video of the Day: To The End by Blur (1994, directed by David Mould)

Actually, we haven’t quite made it to the end.  There’s still another weekend to go before 2017 turns into 2018.  However, considering that it’s going to be New Year’s weekend, I’m sure that many people will just remember it as being a blur.

(See what I did there?)


This video was shot in Prague in 1994 and, if it looks familiar, that’s probably because the video is an homage to the 1961 French New Wave film, Last Year at Marienbad.  (That said, while many of the visuals are taken straight from Marienbad, the subtitles are not.)  The voice that is heard signing in French belongs to Lætitia Sadier.  (Blur later recorded another version of this song with Françoise Hardy.)

The song itself deals with the end of a relationship but I find that it works well for the end of just about anything.


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