Music Video of the Day: Lost At Sea by Danielle Fricke (2017, dir by that one guy)

I don’t have a lot to say about this music video.  I just like the fact that the direction is credited to “that one guy.”

This video dropped on January 1st of this year.  Interestingly enough, both the song’s title and the video seem to reflect the way that many people have felt over the past twelve months.  Personally, I would hate to be lost at sea, just because I get motion sickness and I’m not much of a swimmer.

Remember that movie, All Is Lost?  That movie really freaked me out when I saw it. Did Robert Redford survive at the end of that film or did he drown?  Did we ever figure that out?

On the other hand, Life of Pi is one of my favorite movies.  I loved that tiger.  GO RICHARD PARKER!

Anyway, enjoy!

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