Music Video of the Day: Wolf Bite by Owl City (2014, directed by Andrew William Ralph)

In memory of Carl Grimes…

Well, kinda.  After what happened on the latest episode of the Walking Dead, I knew that today’s music video of the day would either have to be about 1) a bite or 2) losing an eye.  I nearly went with One Headlight by the Wallflowers but I didn’t know if everyone would associate one headlight with only having one eye.  Then I nearly picked a truly bland 80s song called Once Bitten Twice Shy but oh my God, that song was so boring.

Then I remembered Wolf Bite.  Even more importantly, I remembered this wonderfully weird little video.  Of course, it doesn’t have much to do with getting bitten by a zombie or losing an eye but I still like it.  Dance, wolf, dance!



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