Artwork of the Day: Pay or Die

(Hi everyone!  Usually, my sister — the Dazzling Erin Nicole — tracks down and selects the images that we feature in our Artwork of the Day feature.  However, Erin is taking the week off — and November 24th is not only the day after Thanksgiving but her birthday as well!, so be sure to wish her a happy one! — so, for the next few days, I’ll be selecting our artwork of the day! — Lisa Marie)

Look at those bricks fly!

Listen, I really can’t tell you a thing about whether or not Pay or Die is a good movie or not.  All I know is that the film was released in 1979, it was rated R, and this was the poster.  It’s a tremendously effective poster, though.  I don’t know if it’s a fair representation of what happens in the movie, of course.  But I hope it is.  I hope there’s at least one scene featuring two men and a woman kicking the Hell out of a brick wall.

Posters like this are actually a huge reason why I enjoy researching grindhouse films.  Just looking at it is enough to inspire you to create your own movie in your head.  Why are they kicking through the wall?  Why are they even working together?  Why is the movie called Pay or Die?  Do they own someone money?  Does someone owe them money?  Maybe they’re kicking through the wall of a bank.  The possibilities are endless!

I will say this, though.  If I ever did use my bare hands to smash through a brick wall, I’d probably try to make sure that my boobs were a little better protected when I did it.  Seriously, I imagine breaking through a wall, especially one made of bricks, is not as safe as they make it look in the movies.  Considering all of the kicking that appears to be involved, I would also probably not wear open-toed sandals while doing it either.  That just seems like common sense to me.

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