Lisa Cleans Out Her DVR: The Good Nanny (dir by Jake Helgren)

(I am currently in the process of cleaning out my DVR!  It’s going to take forever because I’ve got over a 150 movies to watch!  Anyway, I recorded The Good Nanny off of Lifetime on May 15th.)

Poor Summer Pratt (Briana Evigan).

No sooner has she gotten engaged to Clint (Ben Gavin) then she suffers a miscarriage, losing the baby that she didn’t even know that she was carrying.  Before she has even had a chance to emotionally recover from her loss, Summer is offered a job.  Lilly Walsh (Ellen Hollman) wants hire Summer to be her interior designer.  Summer doesn’t particularly like Lilly, who drinks a bit too much, has a controversial past, and tends to come across as being just a little bit fake.  In fact, Summer would rather not take the job at all but Lilly just happens to married to Clint’s boss (Peter Porte).  Mostly in order to help Clint’s career, Summer takes the job.

While Clint goes out of town on business, Lilly moves into the Walsh mansion.  (As one would expect from a Lifetime movie, the house is absolutely gorgeous.)  It turns out the Walshes need more than just an interior designer.  Their nanny has quit and they need a new one immediately.  Summer takes the job and that’s where things start to get strange.

The Walshes insist that their daughter, Sophie (Sophie Guest), has borderline personality disorder and is accident prone.  Summer, however, suspects that they are abusing Sophie and even comes to believe that they might not actually be Sophie’s parents.  When she sees that Sophie’s shoulder is scarred, Summer grows even more concerned.  And, of course, there’s the fact that Summer regularly talks about a mysterious girl named Sasha and she also sleeps with a pair of scissors.

(Admittedly, I used to do the same thing but that was just because I was sixteen and I was pretending that I was in a horror movie.)

Is Summer right?  Are the Walshes abusing their daughter?  Or, are the Walshes telling the truth about Sophie?  Could Sophie be one of those crazy children who always seem to show up in Lifetime movies?  Or could it be that Summer, herself, is imagining things?  Has the loss of her own child left hrt susceptible to delusion?  Are her frequent nightmares evidence of her own instability or do they mean something else?

I really liked The Good Nanny.  It was enjoyably weird and over the top, featuring some memorably off-center performances, especially from Kym Jackson, who gives a ferocious performance as a character who I can’t say too much about.  Particularly for a Lifetime film, The Good Nanny is gorgeously shot, with Summer’s nightmares being appropriate creepy and full of shadows and there’s a wonderful harshness to the look of the film’s beach-set finale.  The film’s twisty plot will keep you guessing.  Just as in real life, you’ll never be sure who is crazy or who is just obnoxious.

The Good Nanny is definitely one to keep an eye out for!

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