Lisa Cleans Out Her DVR: Dream House Nightmare (dir by Jose Montesinos)

(Hi!  I’m currently cleaning out my DVR and, though I’m making some progress, I’ve still got over 150 movies left to watch and review!  Will I finish before the world ends in November?  Who knows!?  Anyway, I recorded Dream House Nightmare off of the Lifetime Movie Network on April 2nd.)

I got really excited when Dream House Nightmare started and I saw those three magic words: “The Asylum Presents.”

“Oh, Hell yeah!” I shouted.  “An Asylum film!”

See, whenever I see “The Asylum Presents,” I know that the film that follows is going to be a lot of fun.  The Asylum is shameless about being over the top entertainment.  There is rarely anything subtle about an Asylum film but that’s exactly why people like me love them.  The Asylum has turned melodrama into an art form.

The other reason that I got excited about Dream House Nightmare was, from the opening shots, it was obvious that the film was set and shot in Louisiana.  Seriously, an Asylum film shot in the Deep South?  You better believe I was excited!

And, for the most part, Dream House Nightmare lived up to my expectations.  It tells the story of a house, a really big house that practically anyone would die for.  Madison Dupree (Terese Aiello) loves the house and would love to buy it.  When she sees another couple looking at the house, she even tells them not to bother.  She has determined that the house is going to belong to her.  Can you blame her?  She doesn’t have much else going on in her life.  Years ago, she was named Mother of the Year but now, she has been relegated to the margins of society.  She lives with her disabled daughter (Tenea Intriago, giving a poignant performance in a difficult role) and her white trash husband (Brett Baker).  Why can’t she at least have a nice house?

However, she doesn’t get the house.  A better offer is made by the Wades, Thom (David A. Cole) and his wife, Theresa (Rachel G. Whittle).  Thom is an emergency room doctor.  Theresa is pregnant and is often alone at home while her husband works at the hospital.  Theresa has already suffered one miscarriage and is understandably worried that she’ll have another.  It doesn’t help that the neighbors all think that she’s stand-offish.  (“I’m just shy!” she protests and believe me, as someone who has often been wrongly accused of having an attitude, I knew exactly what she was going through.)

It also doesn’t help that Madison is batshit insane, so insane that she immediately launches a campaign of harassment against the Wades.  She leaves threatening notes.  She goes online and announces that the Wades are having an open house, which leads to a few surprise visitors.  She leaves notes for the other neighbors, making Thom look like a pervert.  When Thom and Theresa hold a party to get to know their neighbors, Madison attempts to blow everyone up.

It’s just all so over-the-top and insane that it’s impossible not to enjoy.  The plot doesn’t have to make sense when it’s this much fun.  It seems somehow appropriate that the film takes place in the Deep South.  Down here, we embrace our melodrama.  This film is a potent combination of Louisiana atmosphere and Asylum melodrama, with a healthy amount of random insanity tossed into the mix.

As I said, I’m always happy when I see “The Asylum Presents.”  Films like this are the reason why.

One response to “Lisa Cleans Out Her DVR: Dream House Nightmare (dir by Jose Montesinos)

  1. Boy, I must have seen a totally different movie. I thought the acting (all around) was terrible by every cast member. Well, most of the blame goes to the director which is exactly where it belongs. I wish the house looked like the one on the movie cover but, alas, it is a totally different style. No blood trailing down the nonexistent walkway. Between a female police officer, in high heels, who visits the Wade home after things begin to be scary to idiotic dialog from neighbors, bad acting from the extras, Theresa who carries a metal baseball bat in one hand (to fight off the person who broke into the house) while holding her newborn daughter in the other arm, Thom opens the door to the looney husband who threatens to kills him if he doesn’t open it, Theresa leaving a house key on the hook right by the back door so anyone could take it, Theresa never even checking on Madison when she allows this stranger to go into the kitchen to get water for her daughter, Destiny, but drops and breaks the glass yet doesn’t even bother to move easily to the kitchen in the open concept family room to see what happened, to no explanation as to how Madison was able to program an alarm system, installed by a company for the Wade’s home, to let her know when it is disarmed to highjacking Theresa’s cell phone to send and receive messages inviting men to come and rape her, to leaving a newborn in a bedroom downstairs while the parent’s room is upstairs, to poor Theresa having breastfeeding issues (those would have been addressed before she left the hospital) and the Gumbo stew neighbor lady saying that she would run to the store and get her a nipple shield (because it would change her life) and then never coming back but it doesn’t matter because suddenly the baby knew how to latch on, to Theresa leaving to get Destiny from her home even though she didn’t know how long she would be gone and she left the baby at home, to Theresa not contacting the police when she received a “Help” message from her husband and, instead, drove all the way from Madison’s home to her new home (it must have taken some time) and then just starts going inside, to Destiny’s dad telling her to pour gasoline all over the Wade’s home (even though Theresa gave her the last protein bar because she was hungry) to Destiny saving Theresa from her father by hitting him in the head with the baseball bat because you don’t hit mamas even though he didn’t hit Theresa but doused her in gasoline, to Theresa just believing that Destiny did call the police instead of taking her phone back and calling 9-1-1 and, finally, the good news that Destiny now lives with her grandmother and is riding horses and her dad is in jail “for a good long time” but no mention of the mentally ill mother who started all the terrorizing even though the police knew she started it all. Her? Well she is moving in across the street from Thom and Theresa into her new dream home. Gosh, this was a juvenile script with actors that we just not good.


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