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Evil elitists are plotting to transmit mind-controlling madness, turning America’s citizenry into docile sheep to do their bidding! No, I’m not talking about today’s election (though I could be!), it’s the plotline of CAPTAIN AMERICAN AND THE FALCON: MADBOMB, Jack Kirby’s 1975 seven part epic collected in this 2004 graphic novel release. The King was making his return to Marvel after five years working for rival DC, and took over the reigns of his baby Cap’s monthly book as writer/artist/editor.


Kirby was never a great writer, but he shines in this tale of an attempted hostile takeover of America by a group of elitists using the Madbomb to control the populace and rule the good ol’ USA. Cap and the Falcon are enlisted by no less than Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to thwart the fiendish plot. King Kirby’s artwork is stunning, embellished by inkers Frank Giacoia and D. Bruce Berry. Kirby gives us…

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2 responses to “Book Review: CAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE FALCON: MADBOMB (Marvel 2004)

  1. Going to have to respectfully disagree that Kirby was “never much of a writer” — comics like “Captain Victory,” “Silver Star,” “Black Panther,” “2001,” “OMAC,” “Kamandi,” “The Demon,” and of course the entirety of his “Fourth World” books — plus his ’70s “Captain America” run — were all superb comics, certainly far better than anything Stan Lee filled in the word balloons on.


  2. Kirby’s plotting and storylines were excellent, but I felt his dialog left much to be desired. That’s where Stan Lee brilliantly came in, in my opinion. So we disagree on that point. But as an artist, I put Kirby second only to my personal favorite, Neal Adams! (As an aside, it always amuses to discover that people are still interested in talking about the comic books I grew up with 40+ years ago!)


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