Music Video of the Day: Message of Love by The Pretenders (1981, dir. Mark Robinson)

In the late-90s I was very dissatisfied with the state of music. As a result, I turned to older bands whose music I hadn’t explored. Numerous VH1 top-artists’ lists helped me to discover all kinds of bands I had never heard of before. One of those bands was The Pretenders. It was mainly Chrissie Hynde’s voice that I fell in love with, but the songs were excellent as well. I figured it was time to feature one of their music videos. There was no particular reason I chose this one. I am pretty sure that the music video for Brass In Pocket is their most well-known.

There isn’t that much to the music video. There are two interesting parts I noticed. The first is the opening when they all step forward from the darkness to reveal themselves. The other part is when they face each other at the microphone to hum towards each other. It reminded me of that part of the music video for ABBA’s Waterloo when Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad turn to sing towards each other rather than facing the audience. You see this again in ABBA’s Knowing Me, Knowing You music video. Other than those things, it is shot like you are sitting-in on a studio recording of the song. It does make things more intimate, but it also makes it difficult to say much about it other than that it is great song.

According to VH1, this was the 19th music video to air on MTV.

The director of the music video was Mark Robinson. I can find that he at least directed around 20 music videos, including several more for The Pretenders. However, his IMDb page leads me to believe that there are more, and that he may still be working in music videos today.